‘Dai Pai Dong’ Food in Hong Kong (銖記海鮮飯店)

“Local meals at the local stalls. Experience the new flavor of Dai Pai Dong.”

This particular Dai Pai Dong stall (大排檔) was nothing similar to the conventional stall where diners had to be seated by the road to enjoy their meal. This Dai Pang Dong was situated indoor, and abia/
0ove the wet market in the multi storey building (pretty similar to our SG “Zhi-Cha” stall (煮炒摊)). Though it wasn’t an open-air concept, the dining area was airy (probably the weather), spacious and large windows alongside.

We were brought there by our local friend who was a regular patron. So, we left the privilege to her to place order, of course. More

Seafood Dinner in Lamma Island, Hong Kong (南丫岛海鲜之行)

“A feast on fresh Seafood in Lamma Island, Hong Kong. Tender, fresh & delicious.”

Mini abalone in shell. Tender, fresh and delicious. Where to go? Lamma Island, of course.

In Hong Kong, there were two main areas to go for fresh seafood i.e. Sai Gong (西贡), and outlying Island of Lamma (南丫岛). We decided to go Lamma Island this time, just to experience an excursion to one of the three largest islands in Hong Kong. Lamma Island was segregated into two parts i.e. Sok Kwu Wan (索罟灣) and Yong Shu Wan (榕樹灣). Both bays were linked, and it took roughly an hour to walk from one bay to the other. More

Hong Kong Dim Sum (香港点心)

“My list of Dim Sum food for the Dim Sum lovers! What’s yours?”

It was my first (and only chance during the trip) Dim Sum (点心) meal at City Hall Maxim’s Palace.

Maxim’s Palace had two branches (that I knew of), my initial intention was to visit the Kowloon branch since its location was more convenient for us at that point of time, but online reviews sided only the City Hall branch where they claimed a real good Dim Sum. So, we had to make a deliberate trip down. More

Delicious Roast Goose at Yue Kee, Sham Tseng, Hong Kong (香港深井裕记燒鵝)

“Irresistible Sham Tseng (深井) Roast Goose by Yue Kee (裕记)”

The publicity of Yung Kee (鏞記酒家) continued to boost by its endless award-winning ability, and it was probably the most famous Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong delivering famous roast goose and some flavourful side dishes such as century egg with preserved ginger slices. Its fame was spread further by their prime location at Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong Island. Convenient, and easily located by tourists and business travelers from all regions. Having said that, feasting at Yung Kee most likely made you leave with noticeably lighter wallet. And I thought the overall dining experience sounded over-commercialized, in a sense.

While Yung Kee was a debatable choice to me, my apparent vote went to this relatively down-to-earth old-time restaurant, Yue Kee (裕记), in Sham Tseng (深井). More

Silky Smooth Congee for Breakfast in the Winter

“Comforting breakfast during the winter season, this pipping hot & silky smooth porridge from Mui Kee Congee (妹記), is one of the best.”

Came to know the delicious congee stall, Mui Kee, also from a TVB programme that we happened to watch before our Hong Kong trip. Hence, we added it into our itineries, thinking to give it a try when we were there.

The location of the congee stall was convenient to us as it wasn’t too far away from our hotel in Kowloon area. However, the direction to get there wasn’t explicit, we had quite a hard time to locate the building where the congee stall was. From the published address, we knew the building as 市政大厦 (Municipal Services Building). When we tried to ask for direction, no one seemed to know which building we were referring to. Perhaps it was termed differently by the residents. Wandering around the vicinity, we finally met a good folk who was able to guide us to the right direction.

Upon arrival, we spotted a signboard of the building stated its name as 花园街街市 (Fa Yuen Street Wet Market). Hmmm… Anyway, hawker stalls were located on the 3rd level (written as 4th level in Chinese). It was above the wet market. More

Hong Kong Local Food – Steamed Red Bean Sticky Pudding (砵仔糕)

“A nostalgic snack in Hong Kong”

Steamed red bean sticky pudding, Put Chai Ko 砵仔糕, is one of the traditional local snacks in Hong Kong since the early days. The pudding cake is usually palm-size, and is sweet in taste. It is soft set and able to hold its molded shape outside of a bowl.

Put Chai Ko is simply an ordinary sweet food to many Asians, but it seems so popular and well-liked by the people in Hong Kong. And yes, I liked it, too. Loved its soft sponginess, but I could only get the desired consistency of the Put Chai Ko from this mobile food cart in the Central district. More

Hong Kong Local Food – ‘Pineapple Bun with Butter’ Bo Lo Yao (菠萝油)

“The comfort food, Bo Lo Yao (菠萝油) and French Toast (西多士), in Hong Kong. Don’t forget also the aromatic Milk Tea!”

There were so many reasons for us to choose our hotel stay in Kowloon side during our trip this time. The ultimate reason, food, yummy food, of all kinds.

We stayed near Mongkok (旺角), accessible by public transportations. This seemingly more “shoddy” side of the area was notoriously crowded. To me, it was the shopping and most of all, food. I thought it was for good. More

The Perfect Scrambled Egg, at Australia Dairy Co (澳洲牛奶公司)

“The perfectly moist scrambled egg “

Came back from my holiday in Hong Kong & Macau just not too long, already miss the city and good food there! Feeling nostalgic, I would write and share my enticing food journey over the vacation. ~

We found this cafe during our online research on more yummy food in Hong Kong before our trip commenced. Noted that this Australia Dairy Co (澳洲牛奶公司), located at 49 Parkes St, Kowloon, Hong Kong, was lauded as the best breakfast place serving the perfect scrambled egg, I was really hyped up by the fact that I would get to taste it real soon. More