Clear Lung Detox Tea (清肺解热茶)

“Strengthen your lungs to fight the epidemic virus together”


An on-going viral epidemic, Wuhan coronavirus,  is primarily affecting everyone in the world. Other than protecting ourselves by making sure personal hygiene, wash your hands for at least 20seconds on regular basis, we will also want to be healthy and strong body. Having good body immune system is equally important to fight any virus!  More

7th Day of Lunar New Year (初七人日好兆头)


用七样好意头的菜煮在一起吃,就是为了讨个好兆头。吉祥如意,顺顺利利,好运来!那本身觉得这7-8样就是不错的选择啦…… 看看那个适合您,就煮吧!

Today’s 7th day of Chinese Lunar New Year, it’s also known as Ren Ri (human’s birthday). Yes, 7th day, and Chinese people love to attain auspicious omen by having the right lucky food. Here’re my 7-8 types of favorable vegetable to begin with….. More

Banyan Tree Luxury Resort Bintan Staycation

“A sharing on what you can expect and plan for your Banyan Tree Resort as your short break or getaway trip!”

It is the season to go Australia, that’s why I am seeing (almost) everyone travels there for vacation. If you are looking at only a short getaway for romance, or simply hope to plan for something short for the whole family during the 1-week school holiday in the coming September instead, here I will share with you my recent trip to the Banyan Tree Resort. It’s closer and more affordable than Australia, it’s in Bintan. 

From Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Banyan Tree Resort Bintan is a mere 1-hr ferry journey. Get ferry tickets at the ferry terminal counter or online booking, best do it in advance to get your desired departure timing.  More

Chicken Lollipop with Sweet Chili Sauce (甜辣酱棒棒鸡)

This supposed to be one of my dishes for an upcoming cooking contest, but apparently it resembles a “clubbing” dish which commonly found in the menu of pubs and clubs. :D

Well, I still like it as my home cooked. It looks great on the plate and delicious to eat. Try it!

美观又好吃。 More