Roast duck porridge

Roast Duck Rice Porridge


Roast duck porridge

“Delicious roast duck rice thick porridge cooked with leftover duck meat”

My family likes to eat roast duck, so do I.

I always get roast whole duck from the store and packed home as dinner. Just need to cook rice and fry a dish of vegetables. That’s a complete sumptuous dinner meal for us. However, we couldn’t finish the whole duck, most of the time. Half duck portion is not enough for us and more expensive to get only half, while whole duck will be too much. However, I still go ahead to get one whole piece every time. Then, what do I do with the leftover duck? It is always a ‘motivation’ for me to get one whole duck right away, it’s the use of cooking duck porridge the following day!

When I got the whole duck chopped and packed home from the store, I would serve only the portion which enough for us and keep the excessive portion in the refrigerator. This so-called leftover portion will be used to cook porridge for the next dinner meal.

A regular portion of roast duck porridge (with skin) counts about 300 kcal. I’ll leave the choice of removing or retaining the skin to you. With skin, the porridge should taste better, but without the skin, your calorie count will drop by 50 – 80 kcal.

This roast duck porridge saves you from wastage of food. Not only that, the taste of such delicious roast duck porridge is way beyond what you could describe. The taste of roast duck emerges into the porridge, and makes it so yummy and flavoursome. As my personal preference, this way of making duck porridge is much better taste than using the raw duck meat. That’s the reason why we like to get big roast duck to eat with rice on the day, and then roast duck congee the following day!

Of course, it is not a must to use leftover duck. You can get or even roast a duck, and then, use it to cook porridge. I believe, the taste will be even greater that way!

It is also not necessary to add crab meat sticks, try diced salted duck egg or shredded salted vegetables might be a better choice. I used crab meat sticks for its bright redish colour.

1 cup of rice grain
1 bowl of “leftover” roast duck meat with skin intact, deboned and shredded (do not discard the piece bones, keep for later)
6 crabmeat sticks, cut into small pieces
2 medium eggs
1 teaspoon of light soy sauce
Pinch of salt and pepper
1 pot of water, 50% filled (about 1500ml)

1) Rinse rice grain 1 to 2 times. Boil rice grain with a pot of water (water level 3 times more than cooking steamed rice) over high heat.

2) When water boiled, reduce heat to medium fire. Add duck bone and meat into the pot. Simmer for 30 minutes, or until water is reduced by half, and becoming porridge. Remove bones. Add in light soy sauce, salt and pepper, and stir well. Add shredded duck meat and crabmeat sticks. Reduce heat to low fire, and simmer for another 10 minutes.

3) Add eggs, let it simmer for 1 minutre before stirring briefly to mix the eggs with the porridge right before heat off. Serve hot.

My porridge wasn’t really smooth and gluey, as I did not stir it constantly while boiling. I made it cooked more like a rice porridge (soft rice with excessive liquid) meal instead, this time. To make it a smooth congee, stir the rice grain constantly throughout the cooking once it’s boiled.

Tips: Do not use tiny duck bone as you might have difficulty to remove from the porridge, after using it to boil and add flavour to the porridge. It’s not necessary to debone and shred the duck meat, if you have complete piece of meat and prefer to eat it that way.
* Use 2000ml of water instead of 1500ml for the congee, and stir continuously (and occasionally mash the softened rice grain) while simmering to achieve more watery and smoother consistency, if preferred.
* Do not dry up the water in the porridge. Leave it watery instead, as the porridge may absorbs the water completely and leaves it too dry for the palate. Add water if its liquid is going to dry up when simmering.

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