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“Tsui Wah Restaurant (翠華餐廳) serves great Hong Kong-style Local Food”

Tsui Wah Restaurant was the most famous local-style cafe in Hong Kong. A chain-stores of Hong Kong Cha Chan Ting (茶餐厅), Tsui Wah had many outlets located islandwide. For convenience, we only patronized the outlets at Wellington Street, Central, and Causeway Bay.

I loved this very simple-yet-delicious dish, the soft-boned pork meat noodles. It was flavorful, the pork was so tender with almost melt-in-the-mouth texture. Yummy!

Of course, we liked their extensive menu, from the HK local delicacies, to world-wide famous food, they even served Singaporean Hainan chicken rice, Italian pasta dishes, and other Western meals. Most of all, the prices were affordable to most people, even at their prime located outlets.

I had the famous handmade fish balls with flat rice noodle (Kway Teow). Noodle was silky smooth in the palate, but don’t expect bouncy fish balls like what you get in Singapore, Hong Kong style fish balls were more on the dense textured. Nonetheless, I liked the size of the fish balls served. Taste was decent, too.

Don’t miss this soft-boned pork bun, too! It was in huge portion, share it if you couldn’t gobble the whole bun up.

Of course, iced coffee mixed with tea (冻鸳鸯) had to be one of the drinks.

As for me, hot drink was my first choice, especially in cold weather, I loved the silken milk tea. Thick and smooth consistency which soothes my throat and warms my body, just a cuppa!

Tsui Wah Restaurant. Try this at G/F 15-19 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong by Central MTR Station, exit C or D2. For any other branches, check it out here: Tsui Wah Branches

Try to avoid lunch and tea time, if you are not prepared to share table with strangers.

Needed much narration, you would probably know what to order here. As for us, we loved these few items!

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