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Dessert Paradise in Hong Kong (2)


With two fabulous experiences we had, as mentioned in previous post, we were ready for more, just to satisfy our sweet tooth. Here’re the following stores:

3) Yee Shun Milk Company (义顺牛奶公司)

If you wished to have dairy products and eggy dessert, don’t miss these, Double-steamed Milk Pudding (双皮奶), and Steamed Egg Pudding (炖蛋). This well-known dairy shop, Yee Shun Milk Company (义顺牛奶公司) served terrific milk desserts.

Double-steamed Milk Pudding could be served hot or chilled. I preferred it warm as it yields smoother and softer texture in the palate. It has also stronger milky taste than the chilled pudding. Most importantly, the hot milk pudding comes with a layer of ‘milk skin’ which created from its “double-steaming” effect (see above). It was a very unique mouth feel, indescribable. You have to really try it to know…. :)

Yes. Season diners and milk pudding lovers would make sure that they are served with this extra layer sits atop its soft and silken smooth milk pudding.

Steamed egg pudding was aromatic, flawlessly smooth and runny enough. It could just melt l instantly in the mouth. I loved its noticeable eggy scent in the palate, too.

I heard that these two desserts would help to improve skin condition and create radiant facial complexion, if taken regularly. True?

There were two (or more?) branches in Hong Kong. The outlet we went was at Jordon @ 63 Pilkem Street, Jordan (佐敦庇利金街63号). Just along the main road which can be seen easily.

4) Moon Kee Dessert (满记甜品)

Moon Kee (满记) and Hui Lau Shan (许留山) seemed to offer similar desserts, but we came to Moon Kee for their hot dessert soup.

First encountering of Moon Kee happened in Lantau Island. We went for the Big Buddha statue, of course. Upon our arrival to Ngong Ping Cultural themed village, (大屿山仰平市集), we noticed that this not-too-big quaint looking dessert shop was liven up with an influx of diners. The same situation went on even when we returned from our Big Buddha visit. Hence, we made a stopby for hot dessert.

Since we just had our superlicious vegetarian lunch feast at the temple, our stomach wouldn’t allow us to have an order each of our own. We had just a bowl of hot red bean soup with glutinous rice balls to share. The red bean soup was served in nice and cute squarish bowl, accompanied by a large matching spoon, all in bright yellow colour. Yes, the bright colour bowls placed against the dark wooden tables gave a nice contrasting effect. This set off nicely on the overall appearance of the shop, at one glance. I loved dining here as it felt so cozy and comfortable to be here.

The red bean soup with thick consistency and plentiful of red beans was the best red bean soup I had ever tasted. Simply loved the flavorful thick soup, its viscosity wasn’t made by the addition of starch. Yes, not tasting ‘artificially’ gluey at all. Loved also the right sweetness with a touch of tangy flavor. Simply loved it.

The stuffed glutinous rice balls here were favorable, too. The taste of the balls differs slightly from other stores as it has a hint of saltiness in these sweet balls stuffed with peanut paste. Very special, very delightful, and it was terrific!

In fact, single serving was never enough for me, but we were really stuffed to bursting for that whole day. We would be back!

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