Peach Kunnyaku Jelly

Easy Peach Konnyaku Jelly

“Happy Valentine’s Day”

I would be happy for those who received flowers and gifts from your loved ones.

If you haven’t prepared or bought anything in return, I guess there are always places and gifts available for last minutes purchase. However, if you wish to do something handmade, you better start preparing it soon, or do it really quick and simple one, like what I have posted here!

Seriously, nothing fanciful I had for your Valentine’s celebration (In fact, I did not quite remember it until my colleague came to greet me this morning). So well, happened to have this peach jelly dessert made a while ago, and it is nice and I have decided to post it today, just in case one needs a ‘lazy’ idea for the occasion (smile). And best thing is, you are free to turn this smooth & transparent peach jelly into a platform where you could write your love notes or decorate creatively on its smooth surface.

Let’s show our creativity. Assemble this simple and lovely gelatin dessert in just 5 minutes!

60g Konnyaku jelly instant-mix (sweetened type) + ¼ teaspoon of malic acid (usually comes with the jelly mix packet), store-bought
260ml of water
6 – 7 halved peaches

1) Add Konnyaku jelly mix in the pot of water and bring it to a boil over low heat. Keep stirring the mixture while simmering for about 3 minutes. Dissolve malic acid before heat off. Alternatively, follow the directions stated on the jelly mix package.

2) Arrange peach halves (may cut the peaches into heart shapes) in the large beautiful deep dish or any desired mould. Pour the boiled jelly mixture into the dish/ mould and leave it to cool for 30 minutes at room temperature before chilling it in the refrigerator.

3) Decorate or write your love messages using edible materials e.g. cut fruits, cream, chocolate syrup, jam, cooked beans and etc, on the smooth surface when the jelly is set firmly.


a) Create layers of jelly with different colors scheme or shapes and patterns. Just have to set the jelly separately, do it layer by layers, shape by shape.

b) If you are using unsweetened Konnyaku jelly powder, you may even add your desired flavoured or sweet juice to replace plain water for cooking the jelly.

The good thing to make this hassle-free dessert jelly is that you do not want something too full to have as dessert after feasting on a lavish V-day meal. So… Peaches, the fruits encased in delicious & low-fat jelly would be just great to suprise your loved ones!

Tips: Various types and brands of Konnyaku jelly mix are available in major supermarkets and minimarts. The jelly mix is usually in 250grams. So, use only about a quarter of the packet.
* Use peaches, or strawberries.

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