Dragon Fruit Ice-Blended Juice

V-Day Special – Romantic Pinkie Dragon Fruit Juice

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“If you aren’t a alcohol drinker, this healthy & low-fat romantic pink fruit smoothie should be your top option for this coming V-Day.”

I had this similar fruit juice smoothie at the Golden Shoe hawker centre at Raffles Place. Its unusual flavor wasn’t that impressive when I first tasted it, but it didn’t stop me from giving it a second try since my close colleague had constantly reminded me how delicious was this special fruit juice. Ok, I finally agreed with her and started liking it more and more after a few tries. It is priced at $2.20 per big cup, and this considers a very good price for a superior type of fruit juice selling at Raffles Place district. However, it is still not that economical to have a few dollars beverage on daily basis when I can simply drink some kinds of tea or coffee beverages provided by my office (smile). Oh well, I made this by myself at home now. I did not want to deliberately buy so many different kinds of fruit just for this, but it happened that I had given a big basket of fruits hamper as my get-well-soon gift after my surgery treatment. I, then, had most of the fruits I needed to make this beverage. So, here it is to be shared in my blog, especially V-Day is just next month!

Ok.. This is very simple to make, what you need to have is a blender for the following recipe. But, not sure why, my fruit juice is not as strong and sweet taste as the one I have tasted from the store. Are some kinds of fruit essence or sweetener added into the juice? Or is it simply due to the sweetness of the fruits used? I am not quite sure though.

So, I am going to remind you that my special fruit juice might not be as sweet and flavorful as other fruit juices. This combination of fruits juice tastes simply subtle and you will really like it only if you prefer plainer type of smoothie-like fruit juice. Otherwise, use honeydew-flavoured milk to make the juice tastier, if you want to.

Anyway, this romantic pink smoothie should be one of the top choices for you and your loved ones on the Valentine’s Day or any other occasions.

½ red fleshed dragon fruit
1 white fleshed dragon fruit
4 wedges of ripe honeydew
200 ml of low fat milk
1 mug of ice cubes

1 tablespoon of honey (*This is not necessary if honeydew flavoured milk is used)

Electrical blender

Peel and cut all the fruits into chunks. Place fruits, ice cubes and milk into the blender. Blend all ingredients into smoothie on medium/ high speed. Add honey and blend it on low speed for a more few second, if preferred. Serve immediately.

A glass of my special dragon fruits juice (with honey added) counts about 90kcal. Minus off 20kcal for the juice without honey.

Tips: Honeydew has to be really sweet to get better flavour in the drink.
* You may also replace plain low-fat milk with honeydew flavoured milk instead.
* Reduce the amount to half for serving of just two glasses.

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2 Responses

  1. Your site is such an amazing resource! Thanks for making all these yummy recipes available to the rest of us. I want to download each and every one of them haha! Keep up the good work :D

  2. Looking very fantastic idea for Valentine’s Day, I am including this recipe in my Valentine’s Day list. Second fruit basket with chocolate covered strawberries is also a magical inspiring gift for Valentine’s Day.

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