My ‘Flavoursome’ 7-Day Detox Plan



” Dieting does not have to be a chore, my 7-Day Detox Plan shares a felicitous diet life with you”

Who says body detoxification program must farmish or eat only bland diet snack bars?

If I go on diet, I’ll take less amount, less oil and less salt food, but definately normal meals. No doubt, we have to forgo some foods such as fried food, processed snack food and alcohol. However, to go with strict liquid or apple-only meals for days isn’t my option so far.

Some of the food are essential in detox diet to support increase of elimination from the body, for instances, yogurt which contains friendly bacteria (acidophilus) that helps to improve digestion and cleanse colon; lemon helps to flush out toxin in the body and aid disgestion; barley helps to reduce body water retention; and, green bean improves slimming effect. So, I included all these in my detox program.

I did not skip any meal during detoxification. Instead… I took 5 meals a day, with smaller portion in each meal. Food which I took during these 7 days were flavoursome ones. However, the total calorie intake is less than 1200 kcal in a day!

Begins your day with a glass of warm lemon drops water. Or, drink it anytime after lunch. Not too much lemon juice, simply squeeze few drops or steep a slice of lemon in a glass of warm water.

Day 1 – Total calories intake: 1195 kcal
Breakfast: 1 small packet of fat-free milk with 1 portion of whole grain cereal
Lunch: 1 bowl of fish soup
Snack: 1 cup of less-sugared black coffee and 2 pieces of high fiber fruit mixes pastry
Dinner: 1 small bowl of steamed rice with small portion each of sweet & sour pork and ABC Soup
Supper: 1 green apple

Day 2 – Total calories intake: 950 kcal
Breakfast: 2 slices of French toast and 1 cup of hot plain Milo beverage (without additional milk and sugar added)
Lunch: 1 bowl of wan ton egg noodles soup
Tea Time: 1 glass of warm barley beverage (without sugar added)
Dinner: 1 bowl of plain rice porridge with small portion each of stir-fried bean paste tofu, fried fish fillet and pickled vegetables
Supper: 1 orange

Day 3 – Total calories intake: 1020 kcal
Breakfast: 1 set of sandwich, rye toast with picnic ham & low-fat cheddar cheese (without butter spread) and less-sugared black coffee
Lunch: 1 small bowl of steamed rice with small portion each of stir-fried broccoli, steam egg and Kong-Pao chicken (stir-fried chicken with dried chili in thick soy sauce)
Snack: 1 glass of carrot or mixed vegetables juice
Dinner: 1 plate of Braised Ee-Fu Noodles or Vegetables and minced meat bee hoon soup
Supper: 1 wedge of honey dew or pineapple

Day 4 – Total calories intake: 1050 kcal
Breakfast: 2 slices of whole meal bread with avocado-jam spread
Lunch: 1 bowl of pork mixes congee
Tea: 1 bowl of green bean dessert soup
Dinner: 1 portion of seafood pasta (no topping of pamersan cheese)
Supper: 1 wedge of papaya or 6 strawberries

Day 5 – Total calories intake: 943 kcal
Breakfast: 1 slice of pizza bread (button mushroom, picnic ham, tomato and mozzarella cheese) and 1 cup of hot lemon tea (without sugar)
Lunch: 1 bowl of Yong Tau Fu soup
Tea: 1 plate of Ceasar salad (without egg yolk and less salad dressing)
Dinner: 1 bowl of chicken congee
Supper: 1 glass of warm fat-free milk

Day 6 – Total calories intake: 1049 kcal
Breakfast: 2 soft-boiled eggs with 1 slice of light white bread
Lunch: 1 bowl of prawn noodles soup
Tea: 1 glass of yogurt-mango dessert
Dinner: 1 small bowl of steamed rice with small portion each of steamed fish and Sze chuan vegetable soup
Supper: 1 green apple

Day 7 – Total calories intake: 1120 kcal
Breakfast: 1 French loaf with chunk light tuna in water (without butter spread)
Lunch: Mixed fruit salad with low-fat mayonnaise
Snack: Low-fat Yogurt & Lemon Cheese cake
Dinner: 1 small bowl of rice with 1 bowl of Ginseng chicken soup
Supper: 2 cubes of Konnyaku jelly, or mango pudding (without additional toppings of evaporated milk)

Some simple exercises to keep your body healthy could bean option for you to keep your body detoxified. Easy exercise which you may do it even on your bed before sleep! An exercise helps to flatten tummy.

Tips and Reminders:
*Each meal has to be taken only 2/3 of normal portion.
*Fill your stomach with only 70% full each meal.
*Drink a bowl of soup or glass of warm water before dinner, this helps to fill your stomach,and thus, lessen actual food intake.
*Try not to take dinner/ heavy meal after 8pm.
*No chewing gum at all time! It’s merely nutritionally empty food with loads of sugar.
*Calories intake reduction to 1200 kcal in a day is suitable for people who has less physical work which required about 1700 kcal in normal days.


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