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Homemade (Pork) Luncheon Meat

In Meat & Poultry, Sides On June 2, 2014 0 Comments

“Enjoy the ‘sinful’ comfort food without guilt now” Often we liked the canned luncheon meat (or you called it lunch meat/ SPAM), for its remarkably delicious taste and… Read More »


Festive Chicken Chop

In 1-dish Meal, Festive Gourmet, Meat & Poultry On December 30, 2013 0 Comments

“Chicken Chop for the festive” Just realized that I cooked slightly different chicken chop for this Christmas than last year’s. I used a different seasoning. Same MasterFoods seasoning,… Read More »


Pan-Fried Pork Belly in Korean BBQ Sauce

In Meat & Poultry, Sauce & Condiments On November 27, 2013 0 Comments

“Cooking a restaurant dish isn’t as complicated as you imagined it was.” Super easy recipe. Simply get a bottle of Korean BBQ sauce to marinade the meat. This… Read More »

Pan-Fried Chicken in Soy Sauce

Pan-Fried Chicken Wings in Soy Sauce

In Main, Meat & Poultry, Recipe On March 15, 2013 0 Comments

“The simplest chicken wing dish” Learnt this from the new TVB cooking series hosted by Maria. It was a pretty good show as I learnt a lot of… Read More »

Sauteed Prawns in Yuzu Sauce

Sautéed Prawns in Yuzu Sauce (柚子蜜煎大虾)

In Fish & Shells, Main, Recipe On October 12, 2011 1 Comment

“Not much an appetite to eat? I have cooked these juicy shrimps with some tantalizing citrus sauce to whet your appetite.” This recipe I saw in a TVB… Read More »

Shrimp toast squares

Mini Shrimp Toast

In Cakes and Bread, Recipe On May 3, 2010 2 Comments

“My creation of shrimp toast, have it like crunchy bread squares, or luxury version of French toast with shrimp paste topping.” This cute and handy open-face toast is… Read More »

BBQ Chicken wings

Chicken Wing in Honeyed Char Siew Sauce (密糖叉烧汁鸡翼)

In Main, Meat & Poultry, Recipe On February 2, 2010 9 Comments

“Simply easy, simple savoury“ One of my readers was asking for a recipe of 密汁鸡 (Pronounciation in Mandarin as “Mi Zhi Ji”) in my FB Fanclub. Without her further elaboration… Read More »

Teriyaki Salmon steaks

Pan-Fried Salmon in Homemade Teriyaki Sauce

In Fish & Shells, Main, Notes & Ingredients Value, Recipe On January 2, 2010 7 Comments

“Easy Japanese recipe of Teriyaki Salmon – 照り焼き鮭“ Today’s second day of new year, 2010. I was still in the new year mood, having a new resolution of gastronomy,… Read More »

chicken chop

Fusion-style Chicken Chop

In Festive Gourmet, Meat & Poultry, Recipe On December 30, 2009 10 Comments

“When ‘East meets the West’ Chicken Chop… Check it out!” It was unexpectedly tasty.. I seldom cook Western food, and was pretty head cracking for how to make my cooking much more… Read More »

Five spice minced meat cake

Aromatic Pan-Fried Five Spice Meat Cake (香煎五香肉饼)

In Recipe, Sides On August 20, 2009 2 Comments

“The very own homemade meat cake to be marked 100% by your kids!” Just like what my reader, Anne, told me that her son rated her cooking with… Read More »

Dark rum pork chop

Dark Rum Pork Chop

In Main, Meat & Poultry, Recipe On May 18, 2009 1 Comment

“What’s for dinner tonight? See my simple “T-bone” pork chop with dark rum recipe.” I tried making a 5-course Italian-Western dinner at home last week. It was my… Read More »

Fried fish fillet in shallot oil and oyster sauce

Fish Fillet in Fried Shallot Oil and Oyster Sauce

In Fish & Shells, Main, Recipe On October 13, 2008 2 Comments

“Nice Fried Fish with Fried Shallot Oil and Oyster Sauce” My inspiration of this recipe came from the popular vegetable dish in Singapore and Malaysia, the blanched vegetable… Read More »