Low-Carb Cheesy “Toast”

Yummy crispy & cheesy cauliflower “toast

“My toast ain’t bread. It’s low-Carb food. It’s vegetable!”

Yes, having on diet to shed away the final round of my baby weight for the past few months, I learnt to eat low carb food. This is one of the dishes I have learnt to make, to replace high carb ingredients, once in awhile.

You may call this a “toast”, “pancake”, or “Rosti”. It’s made of mashed cauliflower as its main. I liked it a lot as it’s just yummy and doesn’t taste like vegetable. Even my toddler son ate it. To me, it resembled a cheesy pancake meal. :)

Yields 4-5 slices of “toast”
1 head of cauliflower, cut into florets
2 tablespoons of pasta cheese
2 eggs
2 tablespoons of plain flour
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
Pinch of salt
Pinch of coarsely ground black pepper

1 tablespoon of cooking oil
1 knob of butter

3-4 slices of Cheddar cheese

(1) Steam the cauliflower florets for 15 minutes, or until completely cooked and soften. Transfer soft cauliflowers to a bowl, cool a little, and mix in salt, pepper, egg, cheese and coconut oil. Mash seasoning with cauliflower until smooth. Then, mix in plain flour.

(2) Heat non stick frying pan with oil and butter over medium fire. Scoop and shape some cauliflower “batter” in pan. Pan fry till golden brown and slightly crisped.

(3) Gently flip over to brown another side. Top slice cheese on the “toast” and let it melt on it. When both sides are toasted, transfer to a serving dish. Serve immediately with any topping of your choice. I ate these with grilled chicken.

A slice of my “cheese toast” counts about 140kcal.

Tips: Pasta cheese that I used is a packet of mixed cheeses meant for pasta cooking. It’s available in major supermarkets (on the dairy chiller). Otherwise, use the common Mozzarella and Cheddar.
* It might be difficult to turn the cauliflower toasts in the pan. Make sure it’s non stick pan. Also, sauté the toasts long enough until completely set before flipping over. You may actually slide the “toasts” into a serving dish first, and slowly over turn them from the dish back to the pan, if your flipper/ spatula won’t work direct on the flipping. :)
* Watch out the fire, do not set the fire too high or it will burn the cauli toasts.

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  1. Hi Patricia love the ideal of Low Carb meals. I do not have FaceBook Acct do You have Instagram… I would like to follow u for ur Low carb menu ideas.

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