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Baby Pasta with Homemade Organic Sauce

“Baby has a choice to eat nice looking delicious food, too!”

I was taking nap with my son till not in time to cook his usual lunch porridge in slow cooker. There come this idea of quick fix baby lunch, in less than 15 min!

An entirely new taste over the usual Asian porridge flavor, yet healthy and suitable for baby’s appetite. I added some Italian herbs to my baby pasta. Yea, introducing Western herbs to babies may sound weird to many Asian parents, but it is one of better ways to let our little ones eat varieties, helping them to accept new taste at this very young age so that they will not turn picky eater later on. read more

White Milk Bread Recipe (with Bread Maker)

“White Milk Bread for baby”

I know my handmade bread from scratch is tasty, but if I were to make a handmade loaf every other day for my 1-year old baby, it’s nearly impossible due to my busy routines as well as having this precious one clinched on me whenever he is awake.

Effortless baking, and for time saving purpose, I decided to get myself an electronic bread maker which will help to do everything, after placing the ingredients in.

No particular reason for choosing this brand, it was simply because Best Denki had an offer deal for this. Original price was S$179, and I got it there at only $139. read more

Organic Baby Rice Cereal

“Convenient store-bought instant Organic rice cereal for baby”

Bellamy’s organic rice cereal was the first rice cereal I started with for my precious little one. It has to be from organic source, I tried to give as much as I could to my baby. And, reason to choose white rice as first rice cereal meal than the brown rice because there was this nutritionist I met in one of the baby fair told me that white rice is easier for baby to digest as new solid food, though brown rice is more nutritious and wholesome… I listened and followed as it makes sense to me. :) read more

Vegetables Purées with Avent Steamer cum Blender

“1st stage semi-solid food for 4 – 6 months old baby”

Baby food first. I have posted the fruit puree, but not vegetables, and my baby is going on thicker texture now. Hence, without further delay, I better post this first, before getting too far apart from my baby’s recent progress.

Steamed Butternut Squash (Pumpkin) purée

Method: Wash butternut squash with 1 part of vinegar mixed with 3 parts of water, rinse thoroughly. Peel the skin and remove seeds. Then, cut squash into small pieces. Place in the steamer to steam for 15 mins. Turn over to blend. read more

Fresh Fruits Purées with Avent Steamer cum Blender

“Homemade fresh fruits purée. Why bother to buy jarred , when your baby could eat fresh?”

Hello… I have been using my Avent steamer cum blender slightly over a month. Yes, only posted 1 recipe with the use of the appliance as it seems too simple to cook the fruits (or vegetables) with it. The steps are the same, with just changing of the fruits, veg and combinations. Hence, I have consolidated the fruit purées I have made, to share just in a single post. Simply to give you an idea which fruit items you can cook using this appliance, for your precious little one. read more

First Baby Food – Avocado Purée

“Baby First Food from 4 months+”

Today’s my baby first weaning to have semi-solid food on his 5.5 months.

I was so excited for the past weeks thinking which food shall I start with as the first solid food in his life. I chose Avocado in the end. I personally loved Avocado and that this delicious fruit has to be my precious baby’s first food (chuckles)! Another reason to choose Avocado other than the usual pear which was usually recommended, you do not need to cook or steam it. I am not lazy! I was just making it an easy starting to keep my baby and myself going.Oh yes, he likes it alot! Finished almost all. :)

[Ingredients Value] Avocado:

Super fruit that packed with nutrients and good fat that you will be amazed by its remarkable health benefits. Rich in fiber, folic acid, potassium, Vitamin E and good fatty acid. It is simply beneficial to almost everyone who takes it on regular basis, even the unborn in the stomach, if taken by the pregnant mummy!

Serves 2
1 ripe avocado, 90% blacken on the skin
50ml – 80ml of breast milk or formula milk


=&0=& =&1=& =&2=& Half avocado counts about 135kcal.

If you yourself wanting to eat it, how? No worries, I have a fabulous recipe for you, of course. A recipe I always use to make for my breast fast or tea. I’ll will post it tomorrow or so, wait.. :)

Tips: Use room temperature Avocado.
* Choose ripe Avocado which has ripen with almost 90% blacken in its outer skin.
* If you bought an unripe dark green avocado, leave it outside in the kitchen table for 3 – 4 days.
* Adjust the adding of milk to your preferred texture of avocado purée. The more milk you add, the smoother and softer consistency yields.
* First day of weaning, try with 2 teaspoons of feeding will do. Add amount of feeding gradually. read more