Banana with plums puree

Fresh Fruits Purées with Avent Steamer cum Blender


Fresh Fruit Puree

“Homemade fresh fruits purée. Why bother to buy jarred , when your baby could eat fresh?”

Hello… I have been using my Avent steamer cum blender slightly over a month. Yes, only posted 1 recipe with the use of the appliance as it seems too simple to cook the fruits (or vegetables) with it. The steps are the same, with just changing of the fruits, veg and combinations. Hence, I have consolidated the fruit purées I have made, to share just in a single post. Simply to give you an idea which fruit items you can cook using this appliance, for your precious little one.

Ever since the first fruit purée, Avocado, I have made the following fews (fruits only in this post) so far….

For Stage 1 – Single fruit:

Fresh Fruit Puree

Banana purée
Method: Without steaming, just peel the skin and cut into chunks. Add milk (breast milk or formula milk) and blend it.


Steamed Sugar Pear purée
Method: Wash pear with 1 part of vinegar mixed with 3 parts of water, rinse thoroughly. Peel the skin and core. Then, cut pear into small pieces. Place in the steamer to steam for 10 mins. When hear the peep sound, it’s cooked. Turn over to blend.

* If the pear is ripe enough, you may reduce the steaming to just 5 minutes.

Chinese Pear Puree

Steamed Chinese Pear purée
Method: Follow the step of sugar pear.

Plum puree for baby

Steamed Australia Sun Plum purée
Method: Wash plum with 1 part of vinegar mixed with 3 parts of water, rinse thoroughly. Peel the skin and core. Then, cut plum into small pieces. Place in the steamer to steam for 5 mins. Turn over to blend.

Unless you want your purée to appear more watery consistency, adding of milk is not necessary as sufficient amount of steamed water (with nutrients from the fruit) would be retained after the steaming process.

As for me, I added the plum puree to the rice cereal for the first time as I wanted baby tried only one plum and the amount after puree was too little. Hence, I added it into rice cereal. Subsequently, I added it to another fruit(s).

For Stage 2 – Combined fruits:

Banana with plums puree

Banana and Steamed Plum purée
Method: Adapt the above steps for plum and banana, respectively. Prepare and set the banana chunks aside for later. When the plum is already steamed. Before blending it, open the lid to add the ready banana chunks. Cover the lid again to blend altogether.


Banana and Avocado purée
Method: Without the need of steaming, unless the Avocado is not ripe enough and appear a little it raw and hard. Steam it for 5 minutes to soften, before blend it together with banana chunks.

Without steaming of Avocado, please add milk to blend. Otherwise, may or may not need to add extra milk, depending on your desired consistency of the purée. Remember, steamed water occurs after steaming the avocado.

For Stage 2 – 3 baby (over 6-7 months), do not blend too long. Just 1 – 2 seconds of 2 -3 blends. It’s OK with some lumpy appearance as it would be still soft for the baby to eat.

Avocado, plum and blueberry puree

Avocado, Plum & Blueberries purée
Method: Handle plum and avocado the same ways listed above. Wash and soak blueberries in filtered water for 5 minutes. Do not need to peel the blueberry skin. Drain and set aside.

Steam the plum as usual, for 5 minutes. Turn the jar around and open its lid, add in avocado and blueberries. Blend them. For Stage 1 baby (4 – 6 months old), add milk to dilute the purée, if desired. For Stage 2 baby (above 6 months), need not to add milk. However, you may do so, if baby likes.


For 4 – 5 months: Make smooth and refine consistency of purée.

For 6 – 8 months: Make thicker consistency. Blend fewer and short time.

: Each new food items to be taken continuously for at least 3 days without introducing second new food into your baby’s diet at the same time. Combination of 2-3 fruits were from those he/ she had already eaten before.
Blueberry* Choose pear with less blemish and no bruises on its appearance.
* Choose small banana with less blemish on its appearance.
* Use only 1 fruit each meal. For Avocado, may use 1/2 or 1 whole fruit, depends on baby’s appetite. Blueberries, amount of 1 tablespoon will do.
* I preferred to buy Organic type of fruits and vegetables. Available in NTUC Finest, Cold Storage and The Market Place.
* I bought the Organic sweet blueberries. It was very sweet and tasty. Both myself and my baby loved it!


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  1. hi PatriCa,
    could you pl share if you had used the Philips Avent steamer/blender for meats? I’m looking for a machine that can blend meat to puree form for my elderly mum who has gastric cancer. she can’t digest well and needs pureed food. appreciate your sharing. thanks, linda

  2. My steamer is suddenly beeping continuously after I switch on in the steamer mode.any idea why it does?

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