Blueberries Cup Egg


“For your toddler, for yourselves.”

You have so many choices of food and ways to make it interesting for your little precious, especially when My delicious breakfast for baby. Of course, for you and your loved ones, too, if you like the idea.

Very simple to assemble. Healthy to feed the whole family, certainly including your precious baby from 12 months old up. It’s steamed!

Serves 1
1 large egg
1 tablespoon of full cream milk
4-5 blueberries, slightly mashed (with fork or simply pinched with fingers)
Pinch of Italian herbs

1) Beat egg in steam-proof cup. Add milk. Gently beat to combine.

2) Steam in low heat for 3 minutes, or until it turns semi solid, add blueberries and sprinkle Italian herbs.

3) Continue to steam for 5 minutes, or until firmed. Serve warm with toast.

A serving of my steamed cup egg counts about 80kcal.

If your baby doesn’t like blueberries, use other fruits/ vegetables of your baby’s favorite e.g strawberries, prune, avocado, spinach pumpkin or sweet potato to replace blueberries. For use of vegetables, steam to cook and soften first before placing into the semi-solid egg.

Tips: ^For older toddler (over 3 years old), may add some light soy sauce and sugar to add flavors.

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