“Irresistible Sham Tseng (深井) Roast Goose by Yue Kee (裕记)”

The publicity of Yung Kee (庸记酒家) continues to boost by its endless award-winning ability, and it is probably the most famous Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong delivering famous roasted goose and some flavourful side dishes such as century egg with preserved ginger slices. Its fame is further increased by their prime location at Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong Island. Convenient and easily located by tourists and business traveler from all regions.

Feasting at Yung Kee, however, most likely make you leave with your wallet noticeably lighter (smile). Furthermore, I don’t really find the food to be particularly good. So, we always prefer the local favourite roast goose specialty old-time restaurant, Yue Kee (裕记), which located at Sham Tseng (深井), with an eye-catching gigantic signboard at the main entrance of their huge car park space facing the main road, while the actual restaurant is situated further inside of the car park where you have to cross a small bridge that leads you to the restaurant with the pretty run-down exterior.

Yue Kee, is a decades old restaurant, but many locals prefer to have the goose dishes here. In fact, we were, too, convinced that we had a good choice with Yue Kee’s (chuckling)!

It’s not difficult to get there, we took MTR, and then, the bus from the bus terminal next to MTR station of Sham Tseng (深井). From the main road, we had to walk through their car park with big signboard visibly seen from the main road, crossed a bridge and made a small turn, we reached the restaurant, Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant (裕記燒鵝飯店) @ Sham Tseng, 9 Sham Hong Road, New Territories (新界深井深康路九号). Precise directions for you here, check out My Note Book on The Web.

Just elaborate a little, if you are interested to know more. When I first looked at the menu, the price of roast goose wasn’t impressive, rather pricy. I know if you said as compared to Yung Kee Restaurant which I heard it’s often known as an over-priced restaurant, the price of HK$300+ here at Yue Kee for a whole goose is considered reasonable. Well, they have few options, whole goose (for many pax), half goose (for 3 – 4 pax), quarter goose (good for 2 pax) of upper portion and quarter of lower portion (HK$20 more for lower portion as it comes with a drumstick). We ordered the lower portion, of course.

Yes, the taste of the goose meat together with its crisped skin was so unbelievably good! For someone, like me, who does not eat fat and skins, it was quite unbelievable until I tried my first bite of the goose skin. Gosh, I can’t believe it! It was indeed extensively tasty! Mouth-watering crisped skin, not too greasy, the fragrance of the skin mingled in my mouth for a long while. The after taste was so pleasant that I couldn’t bear to get rid of it by the taste of other food. I could not resist and had 5 pieces of skin altogether, and claimed no enough of it!

There is this dish, not sure why, but seems like most roast goose stores have to have this side dish to complement it as a good roast goose meal. The same goes to Yue Kee, they have this century eggs dish as one of their recommendation, beside the goose meat.

Indeed, the century eggs from Yu Kee, were very nice! The yolks were neither runny nor too dry. It won’t stick on your teeth, after eating. The century eggs were fragrant in the palate, without the taste of ‘soil’ where the unpleasant ‘soil-like’ taste does exist in some century eggs selling at some places.

I like the ‘bouncy’ consistency of the egg ‘white’ part. Eat the ‘white’ and yolk together, its contrasting texture complements each other, and thus, yields smooth mouth feel. Try some preserved (slightly sweetened) ginger slices that placed in the middle of the dish, after eating the eggs. It’s kind of refreshing for the palate.

In fact, there serve many other dishes of goose parts, such as, stir-fried goose intestine, braised goose tongue  goose feet, goose liver, anything, you name it. However, other than the actual meat, we had enough to do with goose. Other dishes we have tried there were: 红烧山水豆腐 (Braised silken ‘Shansui’ tofu). ‘Shansui’ refers to stream water, the tofu was made with stream water instead of tap water, which supposed to be better for both the taste and health of consumers. The bean curd (tofu) dish was served with Shitake mushrooms, and fried Spinach underneath the tofu. Silken tofu, juicy spinach and chewy mushrooms, this is another dish to be ordered, if you, same here, are not really a fan of goose internal organs (chuckling).

Well, I thought it will be good to have a soup dish, we ordered the 鲮鱼球豆腐汤 (Handmade Dace fish balls with toufu clear soup). I’ve missed out the word, toufu, in the soup dish, when first ordered it. Toufu again?? Yes, even it is using different type of cooking method (non-fried toufu), we had enough of toufu in the same meal. Perhaps, we were just over-ordering our food! Happy to tell you that every dish that we ordered, came with large portion of each that good enough to feed 4, we were indeed over-eating that night!

Nonetheless, eating at Yue Kee will never cost you a bomb. For our meals of 4 super-sized dishes, we paid only about HK$300! I personally think it was over-delivered for the price. Worth it!

For 2 pax, I suggest ordering 2 dishes. Of course, one must be the main star of the shop, the roast goose meat! In fact, order a dish of half goose and century eggs or braised toufu dish will be a perfect dinner meal for 2. Trust me.

After having the best roast goose dinner, and you wish to have a nice dessert to end your feast session for the night. There is this dessert store named Fa Kee (发记), just located by the main road. We have at least two local friends there, recommended this dessert store to us. ‘Unfortunately’, with our bursting stomachs that night, we decided to give a miss to the dessert at Fa Kee.

Well, go try it and let me know!


[Post Note 2013: Fa Kee (发记) opens their overseas branch in Singapore now!]