Plain porridge with sweet potatoes

“Light meal to your healthy diet”

Plain rice porridge? I prefer to eat it with sweet potato! Sweet potato, one of my favourite food. For its taste and high nutrition values!

I will add sweet potatoes into my rice porridge cooking whenever I cook plain porridge meal. Yellow flesh potatoes will be more ideal in cooking with plain porridge as the texture of yellow flesh potatoes is more solid, and hence, it will not be easily disintegrate even with long boiling method e.g. cooking with porridge or in soup. However, I still prefer to use orange flesh ones. It is simply because orange flesh potato tastes sweeter. I can eat it with plain porridge just like an additional dish to my porridge meal. :)

2 cups of rice grain
6 cups of water
2 medium size sweet potatoes (orange flesh), cut into smaller pieces or chunky cubes

1) Boil 2 cups of rice grain with 3 times more water than cooking steamed rice. Boil the rice grain over high heat. Once boiled, reduce heat to low fire, to simmer for about 10 minutes.

2) Add sweet potato pieces, continue simmer for another 20 minutes, or until rice and potatoes are soften. Heat off, and ready to serve with the delicious Omelete with Onion dish.

Plain porridge counts about 150 kcal per regular bowl, with sweet potatoes added, it yields merely 100kcal more. Having plain porridge as your meal does help to cleanse your body system, and reduce body ‘heatiness’, some claimed. And, I believe so (smiling).

Tips: If using yellow flesh potatoes, add them right away when the heat is reduced to low fire. Yellow flesh potatoes need slightly longer boiling time.