Egg Omelette with Chinese Sausage

Omelette with Lap cheong

“Simple omelette dish to make you a good dinner”

Hello! Yeah, I am back in Singapore, after my 1 week leave from work, my holiday at Bintan, Indonesia.

It was fun, and would like to share with you more, especially on their special, creative and noble art of food… Not now though, after a week of leave from work, I have much work to settle these few days.

I hope I will have my holiday food posted by this week… I try…

As for now, here I would like to share with you, a simple dish, with use of Chinese sausage, Lap Cheong (Chinese translation: 腊肠). You know.. so much work and housework to do, I have to cook super express dinner. So, this is one of my options.. :p (laughing).

Chinese sausage is a dried and hard sausage, usually made from pork and high content of fat. It is done in smoked, sweetened, and seasoned ways, with its robust taste in the palate, especially if you lightly fry it. Chinese sausage is also prepared with Chinese rice wine added. Chinese sausage flavoured with “Gao Liang Wine (高粱酒)”, “Nu Er Hong (女兒紅)” and even XO liquor.

I chose the one flavoured with Chinese rice wine, Nu Er Hong, for its pleasant sweet and fragrant taste. Actually, any type of Chinese rice wine is good. For stronger taste, get the XO flavor. Chinese sausage goes well with steamed steamed white rice, Chinese fried rice, clay pot chicken rice, plain porridge, and even sandwiches. I use it to cook with eggs, omelette!

This simple and delicious dish takes less than 10 min to get ready and serve.

See here:

3 medium eggs
2 Chinese pork sausage, thinly sliced at diagonal angle
1 tablespoon of oyster sauce
Sprinkle of white sesame oil
Pinch of salt and white pepper
3 tablespoon (or more) of cooking oil

1) Beat eggs in a medium bowl. Add oyster sauce, salt and pepper. Beat the egg until completely mixed.

2) Heat a non-stick wok with oil over high fire. Place Chinese sausage in wok. Stir fry for 2 min, or until lightly fried. Spread the sausage slices evenly in wok. Reduce heat to low fire.

3) Add more oil, if needed. Pour eggs evenly on top of the sausages in wok, or spread them by tilting the wok or use a spatula to do so. Cook for 2 min, or until the eggs are firm on the bottom with slightly runny on top. Flip eggs over with spatula (or flipper). Cook for another 2 min, or until eggs are firm and lightly browned. Serve with hot steam white rice.

Calorie of 1 chinese sausage is about 220kcal, while 1 egg counts about 75kcal. If you are sharing my recommended portion of omelette for 2, it yields about 350kcal for your intake. Pamper yourself once in a while with such delicious Chinese delicacy. Its fragrance will mingle in your palate which you can never resist…

Tips: The omelette is done when there is no liquid left in the eggs when cooking.
* Do not cook omelette with too high heat. Add more oil, if more crispy omelette preferred.
* Choose skimmed (low fat) and low sodium type of chinese sausage, if preferred.
* Choose plain chinese sausage instead of wine flavoured, if cooking for children.

5 thoughts on “Egg Omelette with Chinese Sausage

  1. HN Reply

    I love to prepare this simple yet delicious dish very often too! It goes so well even with porridge :)

  2. PatriCa BB Reply

    Hi hn, you are right! Love this with plain porridge. Beside the “Chai Bu” (Preserved pickles) Omelette, this is the best alternative!

  3. chumpman Reply

    Vacation in Bintan ? That’s a nice place. I missed the villa I stayed at Bintan Lagoon Resort before, the private swimming pool and BBQ next to the pool. Comes across the private swimming pool, the beach is there !

    Love eggs and everything with eggs. Chinese sausage is good to have in winter even just simly steam along with rice in rice cooker. Kailan and chinese sausage is a perfect match with chinese white wine too

  4. Jay Reply

    No way you put in 1 TABLESPOON of oyster sauce to 3 eggs and it still looks yellow…. 1 table spoon is too much for 3 eggs. I tried it and it was a semi brown disaster. realised it too late as soon as I put the spoon in.

    1. PatriCa BB 雪冰 Reply

      Mmm… 1 metal tablespoon of oyster sauce wouldn’t affect the end product, the omelette wouldn’t look brown on dish as shown in photo, in fact, even if the egg solution seemed brownish.

      If it really bothers you, reduce the oyster sauce or replace it with salt. Just that the taste might be slightly different in the end.

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