Bubble Milk Tea with DIY Brown Sugar Pearl Recipe (黑糖珍珠奶茶)

Bubble milk tea or Boba Milk Tea

“Do you like a cup of milk tea with my simple homemade brown sugar pearls?” “来一杯自家制的黑糖珍奶吧!”

Circuit breaker extended. Limited availability to bubble tea now… How about some homemade bubble tea? How to make bubble milk tea? How to make bubble pearls? No problem……. Just need some simple ingredients here. Let’s see! 


How to DIY bubble milk tea with black sugar pearls?

Serves 2 cups (with excess pearls to keep)
Tapioca Pearls: 
60g brown sugar (molasses sugar) 
60ml water 
90g tapioca flour (+2 tablespoons for dusting & coating) 

200ml of water + 40g brown sugar (for boiling) 

Milk Tea: 
5 bags black tea 
500ml water 
2 tablespoons creamer (or evaporated milk) 

供2杯 (和多出的珍珠球)
60g 黑糖(黑糖蜜)
60毫升 水
90克 木薯粉(+2汤匙用于撒粉和裹层)
200毫升 水+ 40g 黑糖(用于煮珍珠球)

5袋 红茶
500毫升 水
2汤匙 奶精(或淡奶)

(1) Boil brown sugar with water until all dissolved. Cool a little and pour sugar syrup into the tapioca flour. Combine and knead until it becomes a soft dough. 

(2) Dust table top with 1 tablespoon of tapioca flour. Place soft dough on it, flatten dough. Cut flatten dough into long strips, and then small cubes. Roll each small cubes into round pearl balls. When all are done, add 1 tablespoon of tapioca flour to coat the balls to avoid them sticking together. 

(3) To cook pearls balls: Boil 200ml of water in a pot on low-medium heat. Add pearls balls, boil for 12-15minutes. Stir occasionally to avoid sticking. Heat off, cover lid and let it stand for another 25 minutes. 

(4) Reheat the pearl balls. Add 40g to 50g brown sugar into the cooked pearls, stir to dissolve and combine well. Heat off and let the pearls cool. 

(5) Make into bubble milk tea: Boil water in a pot. Add tea bags, brew the tea on stove for 5 minutes. Heat off, cover pot with lid to let the tea continue steeping until tea turns slightly cooled. 

(6) Add creamer/ milk into the tea, stir or shake well. Pour into a cup filled with some black sugar pearls & its syrup in it. Add ice cubes. Serve chilled. 







As it’s handmade from soft dough, the round shape might not be as refine as you want it to be. It’s Okay, it’s handmade!

A 500ml of black sugar pearl bubble milk tea counts about 300kcal.

Tips: Making of milk tea, it can be any kind of tea you like, it can also be using fresh milk instead of creamer or evaporated milk. 
*If you find the tapioca flour dough is way too soft for you to handle, just add more flour. Bit by bit until the right dough texture for you. Just hear in mind, more flour may lead to less chewy balls, too.
*There should be excess of pearl balls from the amount made. Simply store in a dry cool place for future use. It should be able to last for 3-4 months with proper storage. Don’t refrigerate it. 
*The size of the pearls is up to you. Just adjust the cooking time accordingly. Bigger = longer. 


Did you queue for #bubbletea yesterday before it closes for #circuitbreaker 🥤? You will be surprised if you know just how simple you need for making your own #tapiocapearls at home! 😘

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