Banyan Tree Luxury Resort Bintan Staycation

Infinity Swimming Pool between the rooms

“A sharing on what you can expect and plan for your Banyan Tree Resort as your short break or getaway trip!”

It is the season to go Australia, that’s why I am seeing (almost) everyone travels there for vacation. If you are looking at only a short getaway for romance, or simply hope to plan for something short for the whole family during the 1-week school holiday in the coming September instead, here I will share with you my recent trip to the Banyan Tree Resort. It’s closer and more affordable than Australia, it’s in Bintan. 

From Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Banyan Tree Resort Bintan is a mere 1-hr ferry journey. Get ferry tickets at the ferry terminal counter or online booking, best do it in advance to get your desired departure timing. 

Well, this is My Wok Life, and I would like to be more food-focusing. Fine.. Just a peek view of the villa here…..

2-rooms villa (good for 4 adults stay)
Sheltered cabana in the villa
Room with separate study area, dressing area and jacuzzi
The dressing area, toilet and bath room and a door at the back leading to……..
Open air jacuzzi with warm water.
It’s infinity pool and it is still kinda of worrying when swim too close to the edge in front of the hill facing the sea. :p
Happy Holiday!
For sun bathing and admiring sea view.
Sun set view

Banyan Tree Resort doesn’t offer full board package. It means, meals (except breakfast in most room bookings) and sea sport activities are at your own expenses, which actually are the expenditure which may burn a hole in your pocket. Oops….  

Breakfast Time!

One of the meal options, room service order (Approx. S$70 for serving of 2)

There are a few options, to order in-villa breakfast (extra charges), to have buffet breakfast at the TreeTop restaurant in Banyan Tree, or go over to Angsana Hotel. Yes, guests of Banyan Tree feel free to use the facilities and restaurants in Angsana Hotel for cheaper alternatives. In fact, they share the same marine centre for paid sea sport activities.

Since the resort is huge, if strolling is not your thing, call for buggy service to ferry you around. It wouldn’t be any long wait as their service is pretty good. Waiting time approximately 5 minutes, or call in advance to book a scheduled timing to your convenience.

TreeTop Restaurant for breakfast and all-day dining
Breakfast Buffet with an array of food choices
Cold dishes, hot dishes, live stations, fresh juices and artisan coffee are served here in Banyan Tree buffet.
Dine in for casual meals at Angsana Hotel next to Banyan Tree

For me, I am too vain not to order the signature floating breakfast (or lunch). It’s just too romantic not to do it even the food is just so common (probably served from the same buffet table) and it’s chargeable. Just want to feel special.

Extremely unique and top-of-the-world feeling to enjoy this visually pleasing full breakfast setting. 

Breakfast with a glass of wine.
Floating breakfast (or lunch) at the infinity pool at the villa.
Romantic and it’s better to do it during breakfast than over lunch if you are not so a “sun” person. The pool is not sheltered.

Cost of breakfast for 1 pax, S$50

Way to save cost: Order breakfast later in the morning to eat as brunch/ early lunch. 1 pax with such large serving is good for 2 moderate diners. 

Dinner! Thai Restaurant – Saffron

Restaurants at Banyan Tree Resort get packed up very early, especially dinner time on the raining days. So, best to reserve your table in advance. Those guests with last minute cancellation of outdoor activities forced to stay back in the hotel and had to either wait for long hours for their turn to get a table, or simply go for buffet or in-room service. :(

The BEST Thai seafood fried rice. S$50 per serving.

Yes, it may sound ridiculous to find the best Thai food in Indonesia. And it’s happening! Trust me, trust me, it is the best Thai food ever, ever! 

Green curry is one of the must-eat food in Thai food, and this is one of the must-order food in Saffron Restaurant.
Kid’s meal, the fried rice is equally good, without the seafood.

Small portion of delicate & delicious dishes 

Appetiser with tasty condiments to go along
Fresh and fried spring rolls. It’s a separate choice of both, but you may request to have half each in the same serving, at no extra cost.

With choice of different colours/ flavors of steamed rice 

Different flavours of steamed rice. Ask for more servings, as you wished.

Cost for 1 pax, approx. S$60-$80

Way to save some costs: Go for MORE rice servings. Or, get the set menus. 

In-Villa BBQ Dinner

Dining at the dining area next to the pool
Let’s have some salad as appetiser first!
Grilling the slipper lobsters

One of the best options as we get to dine in at our leisure, food was relatively good and portion was generous. We chose to grill the food on our own instead of hiring a service staff to do it, to enjoy the meal at our own leisure pace.

Cost for 1 pax, approx. S$110 for 1 set from appetiser/ salad, main cooked, raw items which include seafood to dessert. Advance booking is required.

Not all our food are shown, but the main highlights which you should not missed. And of course, there are more better dining options which we did not get to try yet but you will be able to find out some details from their website dining menu.

Banyan Tree Dining Menu

Other dining options at other restaurants in both Banyan Tree and Angsana Hotels for lunches and dinners. However, do not expect to get any close standard of taste with the Saffron fried rice, pls…. :p

Sea Sports/ Outdoor Sports:

As a guest of Banyan Tree Resort, we just have to go to the front desk to do all the booking for additional activities eg sea sports, outdoor activities, spa and even third-party activities eg. fire fly / mangrove boat trip, kelong dinner, temple visit outside the resorts. However, it’s mostly subject to availability and permission of weather. Correct, we wanted to do the mangrove boat tour and the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) jungle safari ride, and too bad, the rain that came on our booking time did not allow us to do so. Really sad.

Jet Ski: 

It was kinda scary to go fast at first, but it was really thrilled, after all.

I believed most people have somehow tried this sea sport before, renting just the jet ski and go around closer to the shore on your own. Trust me, go for the safari package which will be led by their sport center local guide to bring the jet ski rider(s) out to the open sea. It was truly thrilling and fun to ride at the racing speed across the deep sea which I personally wouldn’t do it without the local guide as we felt much safer to be guided during the round trip in an open sea. Yes.

It’s Okay to share a Jet ski instead of riding alone on your own, if you feel lack confident to do it the first time. Please request 1 jet ski for 2 pax, your pillion may take over your rider seat when you feel tired throttling the handle. It is an hour long activity. Yes, unless you are so season with jet skiing, it’s a real fun event for occasional rider.

Cost: approx. S$100 per jet. Cheaper if rent just the jet ski without the guided tour.


Snorkelling to admire the coral reef underwater.

We like snorkelling as it is less intimidating, safer (in general), and you only need to know how to swim/ float to do this. Snorkelling trip with Banyan Tree is slightly more pricey than usual as we travelled out on a speed boat in a relatively private and small group (a total of 4 guests plus 1 local guide only). Hence, we could swim and snorkel at our own pace and get back to shore pretty fast. Since we had a small group instead of a boat of over 20 participants, our accompanied guide will watch over us and allow us to take off the safety vest to swim freely, if you are confident enough.

Cost: approx. S$50 per pax

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Ride

It’s only fun to go to a resort in the sunny days, to get to enjoy all the sports activities.

We did not get to go on the jungle trail safari ride, but managed to get on it for a short 30min ride into the native village, leading by the local guide. Children above 7 years old are allowed to join as a pillion.

Cost: approx. S$100 per pax. Cheaper if just rent the ATV without guided tour.

Well, its pretty much wrap up my vacation summary. Not every detail is jotted down, but you are getting the main essence of what to expect now. Hope you will enjoy your trip as much as we did… And nope, this is not a paid advertorial, but pure sharing as I know many people will like to do this. And so, you will love me more! :)

Banyan Tree BIntan
2 room villa with infinity pool facing the sea

P/S: It’s a resort, close to nature, which means…. mosquitos! Don’t want to get bitten, light up the traditional mosquito coils, apply lots of mosquitos repellents (both the coils and repellent lotion are given in the hotel), and put down the mosquito net when turn in (turn in service will be provided).

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