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“If you are planning a staycation for the family…..”

Situated in Sentosa Cove. Shuttle bus is provided to/ from Vivocity. Complimentary parking is provided for hotel guests.

One of the most comfortable areas to go for a staycation in Singapore has to be Sentosa Island. It gives a “resort feel” vacation vibe, making me think that I am away from home.

Resort-feel, in and out of the hotel.

Among the hotels in Sentosa staylist, W Singapore (under Marriott group) in Sentosa Cove considers as one of the more affordable yet luxurious enough hotels to enjoy with your loved ones. For its hotel facilities, the hospitality service, and the brand of the hotel toiletries used. Yes, the complimentary toiletries provided are of the good quality kinds. :)

Pretty impressive hotel lobby and front desk, with plenty of fancy seats.
The hotel lobby is located on the 1st floor while main hotel entrance is at the “basement”. A wide carpeted staircase and elevator will bring you up to their front desk/ hotel lobby.
Outdoor of the hotel lobby, leading to a stairway down to swimming pool and the temporary tentage cafe (where breakfast is served for now – as of Oct 2020).

Things to do:

Largest Outdoor Pool – It has to be the massive outdoor swimming pool with slide, open 24 hours a day. So, it’s good for us to go for a late night swim after a dinner feast.

A huge outdoor swimming pool, with jacuzzi, a fun slide, and baby pool.

Singapore’s largest hotel outdoor pool, really?
Neat arrangement of beach benches.
Outdoor resting area.

Children will enjoy the slide so much. It looks tall and huge, but many lower primary kids just slide down on their own. Some even younger ones did, too, or went down the slide accompanied by an adult (seen sitting on adult’s laps).

Fun slide, enjoyable by both adults and children. Younger children may also try it with an adult.

The best thing about the outdoor pool is the water temperature. It was comfortable to go in the water at almost room temperature! Perhaps a midnight swim will be nice, and parents won’t need to worry about your children catching a cold even after a long water play.

Cool water temperature. It’s nice to swim and play in it for hours. Due to Covid restriction, each guest will be given 2 hours water access per booking (2020).

Spa Amenities – Even if we do not book for a spa treatment, hotel guests are still able to use their vitality pool in its zen-feel compound. (Oh, I went to Spa Rael at One°15 Marina Club located just 5 minutes walk from W Singapore along Quayside Isle to try out their award-winning treatment instead. )

AWAY Spa, enjoy a spa treatment and herbal bath, or simply go for the steam bath and vitality pool within the compound.

Fitness Gym – It’s big enough as a hotel gym, well-equipped for both light and heavy gym goers. I always do only elliptical cross training and some back and leg machines. So, the gym is sure good enough for me. Oh yes, most of the running machines are facing outside pool and garden view. It’s not boring while doing the stationery run. :)

Huge gym room, overlooking the outdoor pool and garden.
Offering an extensive gym equipments and yoga facilities.

Dining Options:

The hotel offers two dining places which include the award-winning restaurant, SKIRT.

This restaurant features their award-winning steaks and grills, but we opted for their signature Iberico Pork dish (with limited quality per day). No beef for us. Sorry.
Iberico Pork Tomahawk served with grilled Nashi Pear & Apple Tarragon Vinaigrette $74++

Dinner – There was this person once commented online that this Iberico Pork Tomahawk was his “life changing” tasting experience. His strong comment had impacted me to set my sky high expectation on this pork dish. I couldn’t wait to try it out myself. Really!

The pork meat is tender and beautifully charred on the outside, well pinked inside.
The sauce tastes great, much like a slight sourish version of Asian char siu sauce.
It’s a little bit too fatty to consume the whole dish all by myself. Order another different dish to share and enjoy is advisable. That’s what I did with my girl, though hubby could finished his order just alone. :)

Personal conclusion: Hmmm…. though the pork was great and tender with its natural Iberico pork taste even without much seasoning, but to claim it as a “life-changing” dish, it is an overstated comment (or have I set my expectation too high after what he’d said? ><). Yep, it was just good.

Do let me have your view, if you have tried it, too!

The go-to dinner rolls! Not so sure about the “life-changing” effect with the pork, I truly fell in love with their warm and soft focaccia dinner rolls served with sea salt and herb butter!

I could just wipeout the whole plate of bread all by myself!
Warm, cottony soft roll. I would really go back just to have this bread!
Instead of each person one serving of the Iberico Pork Tomahawk, we ordered the Charred Sweetcorn Ravioli to add variety. Simply loved the black kale a lot. :)
Dark Chocolate Soufflé served with Plum & Burgundy Wine Sorbet is a must-eat dessert!
Opens from 6pm, this place serves pretty good before-dinner drinks and light snacks (no age limit to the diners). Be sure to make reservation in advance due to limited table setting during Covid period. Smart casual attire is required, or simply no flip flop and short will do. (Photo was taken in 2019)

This bar-linked restaurant has an extensive drink list. It’s nice to just chill out and have a drink and snack before dinner. The restaurant is always fully booked as they have less tables now due to social distancing rule. Advance reservation is needed. No priority to hotel guests. :0

Lunch/ Breakfast – Hotel breakfast is served at The Kitchen Table situated at their temporary abode next to the outdoor pool while the actual restaurant is under renovation. No more breakfast buffet during Covid period, we enjoyed their all-you-can-eat a la carte feast in our recent stay. Booking of time slot to enjoy breakfast is needed, too.

Wide array of breakfast food served as buffet across two restaurants, the Kitchen Table and SKIRT. That was back in 2019 (before Covid period).
Buffet breakfast is a must for staycation, but now they serve all-you-can-eat ala carte breakfast. Unlimited offer as much as your stomach could fill. :)

Though it is not a self-service buffet anymore, we still loved the breakfast. Among the wide varieties, I liked their pancakes (additional of avocado slices), thick French toast with special kumquat sauce, laksa, prata with chickpea masala, and artisan coffee the most.

Pancake, added with my favourite avocado.
Crispy prata served with chick pea masala.
French toast served with special kumquat sauce and candied kumquat. Delicious!
The American-style scrambled egg. Moist and tender.
Aromatic café au lait. In short, latte. :)

As for lunch, we loved their chicken rice ( and I always enjoy chicken rice served at hotels, anyway), and Margherita thin crust pizza. These are the most basic to order as a light lunch, before all the activities begin.

Love having hotel’s chicken rice, and The Kitchen Table at W Singapore serves pretty great one. Aromatic chicken rice, tender chicken meat and of course, the spicy chili sauce!
Thin crusted pizza, all-time favourite as a light lunch.
Laska gravy served at The Kitchen Table was thick and tasty. They now serve smaller portion at all-you-can-eat a la carte breakfast buffet.
After-dinner dessert is my habit. :)

We did not try any restaurant at Quayside Isle located just a minute’s walk away. Of course, there is an array of good enough options, if hotel restaurants ain’t your kind of food.

Restaurants along the marina.

Room Highlights:

One-bedroom Marvelous Suite – located only at the corners of the hotel building, it provides all-sight marina view at the balconies of living room and bedroom, and even bathroom. There are many feature highlights in this suites which include the moonlighting effect, and good quality sound bar, huge bath, and of course the marina view.

One-Bedroom “Marvelous” Suite
Bedroom after turn-down service. Moonlighting creates a romantic ambience.
Huge living room where we enjoyed our in-room dining.
With a balcony connecting to the bedroom.
A writing desk between living room and bedroom.
Bose entertainment system in the suite.

For hotels, bathtub is one of our staying criteria. I do enjoy a warm scented soak very much to wind down after a long day out, be it a leisure sightseeing or hectic shopping trip during the travels. Bathtub is important to me for hotel stays.

We chose this suite as our first-time stay at W Singapore last year, to experience their featured bathroom. It is so huge that it’s even larger than a standard room size, overlooking the marine at the same time enjoy a large over hung TV during bath time.

Bath with a magnificent marina view! Oh well, serene marina view, perhaps….
Large and luxurious bathroom
Your choice between marina view or an overhung TV. :0
Separate toilet and shower room in this huge bath room.
The hanging leather seat and matching ottoman.

The L-shape balcony connecting living room and bedroom. Lying in the day-bed at the balcony to enjoy the breeze, or sit on the hanging swing chair to relax, we could just spent the whole day in the room. It is called “Marvelous” for a reason.

Enjoying the view after shower.
Enjoying the view in daybed.
Enjoying the view in hanging swing chair.
Night view from extensive balcony.
Night view from bath tub.
Enjoying my night bath.
Waking up to the view.
From bedroom angle.
From living room angle.

AWAY Room – located in the basement, within the AWAY Spa compound. This was for our return staycation at W Singapore a month ago. It may sound funny to stay in “basement” room, but it has its own in-room jacuzzi! Yep, the basement is the “ground” of the hotel, and most of their amenities located in basement. The AWAY rooms offer an in-room jetted pool. Having an Away room also provides us the shortest distance to gym and outdoor swimming pool, literally just outside our room.

AWAY Room with an outdoor jetted pool within room compound. It’s outdoor, though.
Away room, within the Away Spa compound, at the basement floor.
Personal outdoor jetted pool, but not in warm water. :(
Yep, it’s too cold for bikini ><

Loved a relaxing soak in this 2-person bathtub. Spacious enough for 2 – 3 person use.

It’s not standard sized bathtub. It’s a double tub!
No window view, watch your TV close up. A mirror-turns-TV, when it’s switched on.
Separate toilet and shower room on the left.

What a shame, this pool doesn’t supply warm water! It was too cold to be in there for long. Less happy with the jacuzzi, as opposed to the outdoor swimming pool. Perhaps it was just after raining that day? Anyway, we used the large pool most of the time.

Simply enjoy the daybed, then.

Well, this room provides a comfortable seat. Just chill-out with a welcome drink offered to the room guests.

Welcome drink list.

Brand Bath Amenieties:

Bliss vegan products. The bath amenities include a great face wash and mouth rinse, too.
The toiletries were well loved by their hotel guests.
A recent switch from Bliss to Davines brand.

W hotels switched away their Bliss brand vegan products which I liked it a lot since my several stays with them in USA. It’s weird but this is one of the reasons I like W hotels. The scent of these toiletries gives me a therapeutic aroma feeling, they now introduce Davines Momo brand’s during my most recent stay in Oct 2020. The quality of this brand is not bad, at least the shampoo and shower gel are not drying. It’s just not too impressive, but good enough to avoid the need to bring your own. :)

Facial cleanser and body lotion are under Skin Regimen brand. Love these.

One thing good is, they do provide facial cleanser, too. Skin Regimen brand’s cleansing foam and lotion are very. It’s gentle, hydrating and not drying after use. Really adored these lightly scented products. It has some kind of pleasant ‘rustic zen” aroma from its fruity scent, it’s my nose…. Lol… I would bring home the balance, even. :p

Plan for a Stay soon? Long year-end school holiday is just around the corner.

Due to social distancing rule, the floating water beds had been removed from the pool (as of Oct 2020). Other than that, nothing much has changed. (Photo was taken back in 2019)

To me, this hotel is definitely good enough for a family staycation. W Hotel has huge compound that I don’t feel crowed most of the time. Even with the Covid19 restriction, we still managed to book time slots for the facility use easily.

Outside ONE°15 Marina Club, Sentosa Cove, where the public children playground is. It’s just 5 minutes walk from W Hotel. Walk along Quayside Isle to reach.

To stay, I just have to bring a set of changing clothes, and my happy mood there. Nothing else, and don’t need to worry about not having fun at the hotel, or a need for a visit into the island (unless you want to or it’s already part of your itineraries). Spending your day in the room, hours in the pool, and an evening stroll at the marina just right next to hotel will make a wonderful staycation here.

Of course, to My Wok Life, food is a must! :)

3 main dishes, 1 kid’s meal served with Mac & Cheese, plus dessert and glass wine. ~S$350, moderate to high price for a full-service restaurant standard.

Customer service was good at the restaurant. Diners will be given a small bottle of refreshing juice as palate cleanser between food courses. What a nice gesture!

Do expect slightly longer serving time, especially during peak dinner hours.

An inclusive all-you-can-eat a la carte breakfast. No self-service buffet breakfast during Covid-19 period.

It’s a no-regret to opt on their breakfast, if given a choice.

In-room dining. Snacks and drinks.

Price range from: ~S$300 – S$600 per room per night, depending on seasons and offers. Food and drinks not included.

Hope you enjoy your stay, too!

Can’t do an overseas travel? Let’s go for a staycation!

Disclaimer: This is a pure sharing post based on personal experiences. It is not a sponsored advertorial. Read it for your pleasure or as a casual reference.

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