PatriCa’s Cooking on Eat List Star?

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Memorable moments on Eat List Star

“My Wok Life gets to cook on TV.”

Again, it was an honor to be invited to this highly rated cooking competition tv program by Mediacorp.

Too many questions to ask the professional chefs

PatriCa was given a chance to render a little helping hand to the Thai contestant, Chef Anupong (Chef Aae), in his round of cooking.

I was really thrilled, for having such a memorable cooking experience with one of these most anticipated next big culinary stars.

“Is it because I am next to you??”

Of course, the end result of Chef Aae’s Thai dessert was perfect, out of the “imperfect” cooking process. Whose “fault”?? 🤐

Find out the answer from Chef Aae on the show

Find out its full interesting session from below Toggle link to catch up:

[iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”360″]

I am sure you would continue to watch the more exciting episodes on the coming Sundays, 9:30pm, on Channel 5.

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