Great Hostess Gift

One great hostess gift that will never go wrong, at any point of time. Good food?

We don’t usually show up in an invitation or event empty handed, but finding the right gift for your gracious host can be quite a task, especially if you are not really know him/her well enough. There are plenty of good options out there, and there is something that will never go wrong, flowers. Yes, even if the invitation comes from a male (a nice pot would be good!).

For the same good reason, I brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers, carefully picked and customized according to my descriptions and purpose brought across to Flora Garage Singapore. I knew I wouldn’t need to worry and spend too much time in choosing the bouquets from the vast catalogue in their website. The florist will advise and help to arrange a special posy most suitable for my occasion.

Yes, mummy Soh was delighted when she received the flowers during our home dining event. Thanks to Flora Garage Singapore.

Next time, when you need a hostess gift in a pinch, I am sure these seasonal picks will show your gratitude, by lots.

Flora Garage Singapore

P/S: A brand new food program, Home Dining, starting on 29 Aug, Wednesday, 8pm, on Channel 8. Together with a group of foodie/ blogger friends, we will show up as the guests to one of the featured home dining in the first episode. Do support me!

Stir-Fried Milk (炒鲜奶)

Post & Recipe in English and Chinese (中英食谱)

“=&0=&Stir-Fried Milk or Steamed Milk Dish, both are the best dishes you shouldn’t missed! 跟我在电视节目上煮的一样。不论是炒鲜奶还是蒸鲜奶,两种做法都是你不能错过的好佳肴!

Once again, thank you for watching the cooking program, <Hey Chef! S2>, on Channel 8, which I had the honor to take part in one of the great episodes. From this experience, I learned to master this (century old) legendary Chinese dish and some special dishes which easily resemble at home. (Thank you thank you)

If you would like to cook these healthy yummy milk dishes, here I have the video in Toggle, for your reference:
<Hey Chef!S2 ~ EP 4>

Recipe in writing as well as my way of mastering it thru Chef Pung is also shared here:


















A serving of my healthy delicious stir fried milk with seafood counts about 100kcal. Steamed milk counts about 80kcal.

I would like to thank also my guests who rendered their support and time to attend my food tasting session during the filming. Siew Jun of Monniker Cafe, and Daphnie Chong.

Tips: Try using the thicker type of cling wrap which meant for steaming purpose. It’s easily available at major supermarket.
* Put the milk dish to steam only when the water is rolling boiled.
* Toppings of seafood is added by choice and preference. Personally think it elevates the overall flavor of the dish.
* Pat dry prawns before marinating is the key to successful marination.
* To yield bouncy effect of the prawns, soak prawns in iced water and keep refrigerated for several hours.

* 蒸鲜奶时,等水烧滚后才把盘放进锅里蒸。
* 海鲜用料只是按个人喜好和选择而加的。本身觉得它能提升这道菜肴的整体味道。
* 腌制虾成功的关键在于腌制前必须把虾抹干水分。
* 想达到虾肉QQ的效果,把虾浸泡在冰水里冷藏数小时。

PatriCa’s Cooking on Eat List Star?

“My Wok Life gets to cook on TV.”

Again, it was an honor to be invited to this highly rated cooking competition tv program by Mediacorp.

PatriCa was given a chance to render a little helping hand to the Thai contestant, Chef Anupong (Chef Aae), in his round of cooking.

I was really thrilled, for having such a memorable cooking experience with one of these most anticipated next big culinary stars.

Of course, the end result of Chef Aae’s Thai dessert was perfect, out of the “imperfect” cooking process. Whose “fault”?? 🤐

Find out its full interesting session from below Toggle link to catch up:

I am sure you would continue to watch the more exciting episodes on the coming Sundays, 9:30pm, on Channel 5.

Chinese New Year Festive Dishes on Just Cook It

“If you wonder who’s the lady in red……”

Yes, it’s me, PatriCa. I was the one in red dress, telling about my favourite Yu Sheng fruit salad for Chinese New Year, on the festive episode of Just Cook It! 一起来下厨, last evening (25th Jan).

I am a food and recipe blogger, and with great honour, I have been invited to participate in great cooking/ food related tv programmes.

If you have missed me in the episode, and still wish to watch this great cooking show (and with my little humble appearance in it). Watch it on Toggle:


MyWokLife on TV Cooking Shows

“Really pleased, and it was a privilege to have been invited to the Mediacorp Channel 8 show, Just Cook It! 一起来下厨. Next episode, featuring Chinese Lunar New Year dishes, will be aired this coming Wednesday (25th Jan)!

Just Cook It! will allow the audience to learn 8 dishes all at once, allowing you to enter the world of culinary secrets! Each episode, 10 culinary experts will be invited, while 3 of them will prepare their expertise on the spot, respectively “Celebrity cuisine”, “Novelty cuisine” and “Signature dishes”.

According to each episode’s theme, the restaurant that is famous for an ingredient will be invited to the show.

Dishes are simple to learn and cook. Audience will also get to find out different popular and delicious food to be located in Singapore each episode. Not only get to know where to eat, the chef owner will be present to hand down its secret recipe on the show!

Next episode, featuring Chinese Lunar New Year dishes, with my little appearance as one of the guests, is coming up =&0=&Do stay tuned to learn up some festive dishes!