Forkee (科記咖啡餐廳) “Cha Chaan Teng” in Hong Kong

Breakfast or lunch? This store is equally good for simple homey meals.

“Real authentic Hong Kong cha-chaan-teng food”

Looking for local flavor in Hong Kong? This old-time Cha Chaan Teng, 科記 (For Kee), spot-on. Though the name suggested that it’s a restaurant, but the fact that this seemingly dated quaint store served great Cha Chaan Teng menu.

Quaint interior of the store.

Located in Sheung Wan district, For Kee is situated just at the corner down the street. As it is a less tourisy spot, so you might need some navigation to get there. Yes, an eatery patronizes mainly by the locals.

I was there after offering our late-morning prayer at the Man Mo temple just uphill of the same street, and a great and comforting breakfast was what we needed after the visit. Yes, to treat my famished stomachs.

Fried egg toast, best to eat it right away upon serving.

Breakfast at For Kee, I looked forward to having their egg, toast and most of all, silken milk tea. The egg toast I had at this seemingly run down eatery, was imaginably yummy. Crunchy toast, with soft & moist fried egg sandwiched in between, it doesn’t need additional seasoning or any sauce to taste good. Loved it to the max!

Browsing through some orders from the next table, I spotted a plate of glossy thick French toast that looked exceptionally alluring, knowing that I had to copy that straight.

The best French toast with condensed milk dressing. Toasty outside, cottony soft inside. It’s one of the best toast I have ever eaten.

Made with thick toast, the eggy French toast was crusty on the outside, but soft and fluffy inside. Nope, the thick toast wasn’t completely wet with the middle, but it simply tasted with the right amount of eggy flavor in every bite. Most importantly, the toast was much less greasy. Topping with condensed milk on the toast, the overall taste was elevated to another luscious level in the palate. Perfectly sweetened. To the carbo lovers, it’s definitely something to scream about.

Warm crispy crusty bun with tasty pork chop in between the buns.

Beside these, we also tried the pork chop bun. Just for the sack of trying out their popular dishes. Yes, it was delicious without trace of disappointment. It was something you should just go ahead to order, if you are up to some meaty toasted sandwiches to fill your belly.

Menu. Sandwich or toast for you?

For Kee, also well known for their pork chop rice and satay beef bun. I did not try both of these. It was too early in the morning for a full rice meal, and I don’t take beef. Well, since these much lauded dishes were already known to many, I would just stick to what we had for now, and leave these to your desire.

Iced milk tea, and iced Yuan Yang (mixture of coffee & tea with milk) are both the specialities of Hong Kong cha chaan teng food.

Everyone knows that silken milk tea is one of the specialities in Hong Kong.

Forkee Restaurant
Shop J-K, Ground floor, 200 Hollywood Rd, HK

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