Lunch Bento

Nutritious Lunch Idea, the Lunch Box Gourmet

Lunch Bento
“Ai Xin Bian Dang (爱心便当)” Lunch bento filled with love.

“Bringing homemade lunch to work on regular basis benefited much on your time and pocket.”

Changing office location to town area was a hassle by far. It was a more hectic work as new, and for one who would be swearing for having to fight through a hubbub over peak lunch hour, I might end up skipping lunch or having just some fast food meals. Hence, I made effort to wake up earlier to make a lunch box was wise choice. So that the lunch crowd could be avoided and still enjoying a healthy and homey lunch box. Anyway, cooking is my favourite thing to do.

I had already prepared the ingredients the night before. Cut and washed the vegetables as well as marinated the pork chop, and then, stored them in the refrigerator. Woke up at 7am this morning, I quickly cooked rice. Then, cooked mixed vegetables and pan-fried pork chop. Filled the lunch container with rice and topped the dishes. Ok… My heart warming Pork Chop Paradise lunch box is ready to go!

Lunch box

Things to note for preparation of lunch box:
1) Use termal food container which enable you to keep the meal warm for longer time, especially for rice and dishes which require to serve warmed to taste nice. Alternatively, get a microwave-proof lunch container.

2) Lunch box has to have balance diet, too. Try to prepare both vegetables and meat dishes, if you are preparing rice bento. Pack some fruits to go along with the lunch box, too, if possible.

3) One of the dishes should be gravied to keep the meal moist and comfortable for the palate.

4) Keep the dish simple and easy to consume. Remove bones, and/ or prepare in bite-size is recommended.

5) Choose to cook quick meal so that it looks less hassle to do it often in order to sustain this homecooking packed lunch routine.

** See recipes of my dishes in separate posts.

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4 Responses

  1. very nice! lucky hubby. lunch box looks great, meat,rice and greens…perfect!
    i’m big on packing lunch too. i sometimes make precook pasta and store them in fridge in zip lock bag and when morning comes i can toss with any greens (i like peas),seasoned minced meat or any sauce. All in one pan! easy pesie!
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Patrica,

    May I know how do you store the veggie after cutting? Do you cut right before sleep?

    I tried once, put in a plate (wrapped with cling wrap) and stored it in the fridge. Some carrots, green pepper, pumpkin. The next day when I check, most dried up!!

  3. Hi reira,

    I don’t usually cut the vegetables and leave it too long before cooking it as I always wish to maximize the retention of its nutrients. However, I gotta do so for fixing quick meals, no choice I guess but to cut them first. So, what I do is to keep the cut veggies in a properly covered vegetables containers. I use plastic food container from Lock n Lock and other brands. It turns out still good and moist even after few days..

    And could it be your refrigerator temperature setting is too cold? Check this out to confirm, too..

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