Fried Bee Hoon

My Wok Life’s Signature Fried Bee Hoon for Breakfast

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Fried Bee Hoon

“Breakfast Fried Bee Hoon for my office buddies”

Last week, two of my office buddies and I had craving to eat bee hoon for breakfast when saw the fried bee hoon dish selling at our office cafeteria, but we stopped ourselves from buying it as it looked so greasy which actually curbed our ravenous, then. So, I decided to fry my own bee hoon for the next morning.

The recipe of this fried bee hoon was posted long ago (see recipe: Stir-Fried Bee Hoon with Stewed Pork), but this time, I had to double the amount of my original recipe to cater all 8 – 10 of us, and also cooked it with slight variations.

My bee hoon dish was not greasy at all, and yet, it tasted so moist, tender and flavourful.Yeah, my bee hoon was a big hit!

Fried Bee Hoon

See Variation:
1) Since it was special requested by one of my buddies to have her favourite luncheon meat as sides, I had a can of luncheon meat chopped into cubes and toasted (toasting is healthier than deep frying) at 150°C for 25 minutes, till crisped. Then, set aside, as topping later.

2) Together with luncheon meat, I had also the raw lettuce strips and some red chilli strips as toppings, just to create some crunchy bites.

3) Added also omelete on top, just to make it more varieties. Crack 4 eggs into bowl and add some salt and pepper, beat it well. Cook and cut into strips and bite-sized pieces.

4) As some of us do not take bean sprout, I used cabbage (chopped into strips for easy cooking), and also added with sliced button mushrooms. 

5) And yes, I used my ‘air flownHong Kong dark soy sauce (laughing)! Since the dark sauce is not too thick and briny, I added slightly more to the dish. This dark sauce added fragrance to my bee hoon dish, indeed.

The dish can be prepared and cooked within an hour. So, wake up early to cook this warm and delicious bee hoon dish to impress loved ones.

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