Soy sauce

Fragrant Soy Sauce and Condiments from Kowloon Soy Co, the Traditional Soy Shop in Central, Hong Kong Island (九龍醬油)

A vast line-up of sauce and condiments

A traditional soy sauce and condiments shop in Hong Kong

Many people told me that soy sauce made in Hong Kong is so much tastier than from any other places. My mum had reminded me to get a large bottle for her, but I ended up with arms full of large bottles of different sauces flew back to Singapore, because I found this place.. Kowloon Soy Co (九龍醬園).

In fact, this place was again recommended by Mr. Cai Lan in his recent food show, 蔡瀾品味. I was eager to check out this place. So, we planned it such a way that we could have some good food for lunch around (上環, Sheung Wan/ 中環, Central), at the same time, visit the shop within the same vicinity.

After our fish soup noodle at the recommended eatery, Shang Kee’s, we took a slow walk through a local wet market. I was pleased by the cleanliness and upkeeping of this market.

Local wet market
Always look for the signboard for direction as most of the shops are hidden by the stalls in the wet markets

Just half way through the wet market, we noticed a sign board hanging overhead directing us to the designated location. Pretty sure no one would miss it.

Preserved food in jars

There were so many different kinds of condiment and seasoning arranged neatly on the shelves. I wanted to get only the light and dark soy sauce, but couldn’t resist from getting the other bottles eg sesame oil, Hoisin sauce, fermented soy bean curd and etc.

If you are looking for those traditional preserved pickles which hardly abailable in the market nowadays, come here. I was almost sure that you would be spoilt with the selections. Check out the extra huge century eggs, too!

Century eggs

For overseas customers, you would have the luxury of choosing plastic bottled sauces to minimize the risk of broken glass during the flight back.

If you wished to know how to pronounce these condiments in Cantonese:
* Thick/ dark soy sauce – 老抽 (as: Low Chao)
* Light soy sauce – 生抽 (as: Shung Chou)
* Fermented bean curd – 腐乳 (as: Foo Yu)
* Preserved century egg – 皮蛋 (as: Pey Done)
* Hoisin sauce – 海鲜酱 (as: Hoy Sin Jiong)
* Sesame oil – 麻油 (Ma Yaw)

Check out what I have cooked with the sauce so far…
Fried Bee Hoon
Flavourful Fried Bee Hoon

Vegetarian fried rice
Fragrant Vegetarian Fried Rice

Premium dark soy sauce

These were the two dishes cooked with this dark soy sauce which indeed elevated the aroma as well as the flavor.

Retail shop for their specialities

九龍醬園 (Kowloon Soy Co)
Address: 中環嘉咸街九號 (No: 9 Graham Street)

Note: The dark soy sauce made in Hong Kong tasted with a hint of sweetness. Not the usual with pure briny flavor which I have used to. I still liked.

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