golden egg tofu with minced meat

Golden Egg Tofu with Minced Meat


golden egg tofu with minced meat

“Simple healthy dish, delicious homecooked taste, and likeable by most children!”

A variation of hot plate egg tofu dish. I do not have an iron plate at home, and hence, I used stir-frying method to prepare the dish (maybe I should just try heating up a fire-resistant metal plate to serve this dish next time).

Without extensive ingredients, such as, crab meat sticks, prawns and mushroom shreds, and lack of sizzling effect, this simply an egg tofu homemade dish, with just the minced meat added (these were what I had in my refrigerator the other day… :D). Simple homemade dish, but likeable by most children!

2 tubes of silken egg tofu (soy beancurd in tube form)
150 grams of minced meat
1 egg
1 clove of garlic, minced

1 teaspoon of light soy sauce
1 teaspoon of oyster sauce
Generous amount of ground white pepper
Sprinkle of sesame oil
Pinch of salt and sugar (just a small pinchy will do)

¾ – 1 cup of water (depends on amount of gravy desired)
1 tablespoon of cornstarch (made into slurry with 2 tablespoons of water)

1 cup of cooking oil (for deep frying of egg tofu)

Optional seasoning:
½ teaspoon of Shao Hsing Hua Diao rice wine (*add this to taste even better, if you are not serving toddler)

1) Cut each roll of tofu into pieces of 1cm thick, lengthwise. You may place tofu on a sheet of kitchen towel to dry out excessive water in the tofu.

2) Heat wok with oil over high heat, and deep-fry tofu till golden browned. Remove from wok, and drain on kitchen towel. Set aside.

3) Remove excessive oil and left only about 1 tablespoon in the wok, heat at medium flame. Slightly brown garlic, add in mince meat and water. Stir-fry well for 3 minute before adding in seasoning (and also rice wine, if desired).

4) Thicken gravy with cornstarch slurry, if it still appears watery (You may adjust the adding of cornstarch slurry till you find the right consistency). Then, break and add an egg into wok, stir it vigorously for few seconds. Heat off immediately.

5) Return golden browned egg tofu into wok, stir it gently just to combine well, and dish up.

Alternatively, place egg tofu on serving dish and pour over minced meat gravy. Serve with hot steamed rice.

If you think my dish lacks colourful appearance, garnish with scallion and chilli juliennes. Or, vary the toppings with seafood mixture instead!

However, doing with just the minced meat, it means less complication, less preparation time & less hassle to cook (smile)!

A portion golden egg tofu with minced meat & egg sauce counts about 180kcal.

Tips: Get tofu suitables for frying/ braising use. It’s easily available at most supermarkets.
* Do not over-fried the egg tofu in order to retain its moisture and soft texture. Quickly remove from oil once it’s lightly browned to allow standing time.
* Just add the egg directly into wok without pre-beating it. Egg should be added at the very final stage of cooking when it’s almost time to dish up. It’s to retain its runny texture and mouthfeel.

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9 Responses

  1. hi
    what do you mean “made into slurry with 2 tablespoons of water” for the cornstarch?

    do i just add water to the corn flour? coz i was have problem making stew gravy.. wonder if i need to add more starch or just use lil’ amt of stock

  2. Hi Jane,

    I thickened my gravy using corn starch slurry. How to make corn starch slurry? Simply use some corn starch mix with some water, stir till dissolved. Then pour into your dishes. Your watery sauce in the dish will be thickened.

    Yes, you add water to corn flour till disolved. I am not too sure what kind of problem you’ve encountered with making stew gravy.. If I am not wrong, you meant your stew gravy was too watery. If so, I will suggest reducing a little amount of stock and make slightly more corn starch slurry to add into your dish. However, do not over-adding the slurry as your gravy will end up become very gluey, and not the right thicken texture.

    Hope my reply helps.

  3. Hi Patricia,

    I tried this dish for dinner. I added chopped spring onion at the end before i dished out the tofu & minced pork. It not only added colour to the dish, it was very delicious too :)
    My family enjoyed this dish especially my 2 kids.My hubby who doesn’t really like egg tofu commented that it was good !!! “Yipee :p”
    Thank You :D

  4. hi Patricia

    Your blog is a God sent to me. Im currently living and working in Sydney and have been struggling with my cooking. I regretted not spending enough time with my parents to learn about Singapore food and im certainly paying for it now.

    When i came across your website, i was so excited and you can never imagine the amount of time i spent on reading your blog. So a very very BIG THANK YOU to you for sharing your receipe.

    Im going to just ask you some very silly questions – if i need to make a soy bean soup, what kind of soy bean do i use? i bought a packet of “soy bean” from the Asian market but my friend told me that this is to make soy bean milk and not for soup? im confused. Can you help to clarify?

    Secondly, im currently 4 months pregnant and wonder what soup can i drink to nourish my body? i was advised against adding star anise and cinnamon sticks into my dishes. But i was so thrilled to try some of your braised pork dishes. Can you advise?


  5. Hey Evelyn,

    Nice to see you here ( and thanks for doing this :)).

    As for your questions, hree’re my reply:

    1) Yes, you can definitely use soy bean to cook soup, besides making sweet soya bean drink or sweet bean curd dessert (which reminds me of making my own sweet beancurd dessert – Tou Hua, again, someday). Soy bean is in pale yellowish/ beige colour, and correct, it is the same kind that use for making soy bean drink.

    Adding soy bean into certain soup dishes is a wise choice, as an addition of soy bean will make your soup taste even better with natural sweetness in it. Some soup like “Yong Tao Fu (酿豆腐)” – Stuffed tofu soup is best to cook with soy bean, and my recent soup dish – Root veggie soup has also added with soy bean:

    So, it is OK to add soy bean (黄豆) into soup cooking and drinking. However, you might want to moderate your intake of tofu/ soy bean/ legumes to avoid risk of getting high protein in urine during pregnancy. Just my gentle advice. :)

    2) As a Chinese, I think bird nest is good:

    Or, take more fish soup and vegetable soup, besides those Chinese tonic soup such as Korean ginseng and chicken soup “Gao Li Ren Sheng 高丽人参”. Reason being, fish is good for both adult and baby while veggie soup is non-fattening soup as you do not wish to grow too big but remain pretty during this period even you have all the right to eat more! :D

    I did not come across about any prohibition of star anise or cinnamon sticks. NO worries, I don’t think these ingredients matter at all. So, need not to avoid them, but as you know, everything you take now are sure to be on moderation, anyway.

    Hope my reply helps.

    Have a great day.

  6. Hello

    Its a nice dish, all time fav :)
    I would like to share some tricks on the toufu.. before frying the toufu, i pat it with cornstarch before frying leaving a crispy surface but soft inside :)

    Thanks for your blog.. You have added favours to our family :)

  7. hello

    thanks for your dish.. all time fav..

    one trick i learnt from tv is to pat corn starch on the toufu before frying leaving the skin crispy but soft on the inside :)

    thanks for your blog.. u’ve added favours into our family :)

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