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Effective Ways for Mother to Slim Down

In Nutrition & Diet, Ways to Keep Fit On January 18, 2010 2 Comments

“Mummy, how do you keep your waistline in shape?” I had shared with you the 10 Diet Mistakes in my Note of my FaceBook Fan Club, if you have not read… Read More »

fats we eat

Fats We Eat

In Nutrition & Diet, Ways to Keep Fit On October 6, 2009 2 Comments

As I blog and share about 10 Diet Mistakes in my Fan Club in FaceBook (FB), some little details within my limited knowledge were still too extensive to… Read More »

Instant noodle

The Correct Way to Cook Instant Noodles

In Notes & Ingredients Value, Tips & Info On August 14, 2009 0 Comments

“No choice, but to eat instant noodles? Here’s the correct way to cook instant noodles without harming our bodies and health (that much..)” I have been sharing this… Read More »

bread on diet

Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Healthily

In Effective Products, Nutrition & Diet, Ways to Keep Fit On May 11, 2009 6 Comments

“Points to be remembered, to keep yourself healthy, with fit and good looking appearance!” I have a cute reader met me in my chat box, cried out for… Read More »

Steamed egg cakes

Do you have any Question on Singapore Local Delicacies?

In Notes & Ingredients Value, Nutrition & Diet, Tips & Info On September 23, 2008 4 Comments

“Worried about having too much delicious local food? Here’re some facts, just for your information.” Tasty and popular local food has always been related with unhealthiness and/ or… Read More »

Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes From The Sweet Potato Place

In Food, Notes & Ingredients Value, Singapore On August 21, 2008 2 Comments

“Healthy Sweet Potato” $, about $3 – $3.50 per regular-size potato I tried their sweet potatoes, finally! Yes, the sweet potatoes are sold by weight. I couldn’t remember… Read More »

Green bean

Green Mung Bean and its Nutritional Benefits

In Notes & Ingredients Value, Tips & Info On August 6, 2008 3 Comments

“Green (Mung) Bean offers best health benefits” Green bean, is also famously known as Mung bean (Chinese translation: 绿豆). Its husk is green in colour, with yellow flesh… Read More »


My ‘Flavoursome’ 7-Day Detox Plan

In Nutrition & Diet, Ways to Keep Fit On July 26, 2008 0 Comments

” Dieting does not have to be a chore, my 7-Day Detox Plan shares a felicitous diet life with you” Who says body detoxification program must farmish or… Read More »


No-Meat Diet

In Nutrition & Diet, Ways to Keep Fit On July 22, 2008 0 Comments

“No-Meat Meals for You and Me” My colleague consulted me if having no-meat diets over a period will help in weight lose and slimming purposes. My answer is… Read More »


My Open Secrets to The Success of Keeping My Perfect Waistline

In Nutrition & Diet, Ways to Keep Fit On July 2, 2008 0 Comments

“Tips which you can practice daily to keep your perfect waistline” I love food, I have sweet tooth, I cannot be starved, and I eat anything I like… Read More »


Simple Exercise that Helps to Flatten Tummy

In Nutrition & Diet, Ways to Keep Fit On July 1, 2008 2 Comments

“An easy exercise that gives you great help by just lying down… Anytime, anywhere…” Do this on the floor, sofa, and even on the bed.. Bridge exercise: Step… Read More »


Need Better Digestive System? Acidophilus, the Good Bacteria, is the answer.

In Nutrition & Diet, Ways to Keep Fit On June 29, 2008 0 Comments

“L. Acidophilus – a friendly bacteria to our body system” I take L. Acidophilus powder on regular basis to prevent indigestion or bowel disorder. Most importantly, it helps… Read More »