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“Mummy, how do you keep your waistline in shape?”

I had shared with you the 10 Diet Mistakes in my Note of my FaceBook Fan Club, if you have not read it and would like to do so, feel free to join my FB fan club. These 10 Diet Mistakes acted as the important reminders of which have to be avoided, in order to make ourselves more healthy and enhance the effectiveness of any work-out sessions or slimming programs.

And this time, as I came across an interesting article about eating home more often, I would like to share it in my post. I truly am a strong believer in home cooking, so this article adores me very much!

Why eat at home more? Correct, it’s one of the ways to slim down and get healthy with no more excuses about being fat due to being too busy to having work out like crazy in order to slim down.

When cooking at home, you tend to control the amount of oil used in your cooking. For using less oil in your cooking, and limit deep-fried food to once or twice a week, it helps to reduce your oil intake by 50%, as compared to by eating out! You may put less salt and no MSG in your cooking which will further improve your health. With a healthy body, slimming down will then be an easier task to be achieved, in long run.

Try to cook more vegetable dishes than meaty stuff. For instances, for family of 3 – 4, it’s normally 2 dishes and 1 soup in a dinner meal. So, cook 1 meat + 1 vegetable + 1 veggie soup, or 2 vegetables dishes + 1 meat soup. Always have more or larger portion of vegetables than meat dish.

If you can’t cook or eat all 3 meals at home (of course), eat at least one meal says dinner, would it be fine?

Cook a vegetables medley may further allure your kids to have more vegetables as there will be varieties of vegetables in different colors that make the dish looks much more appealing than others. Really loved my“Chap Chye” dish (Stir-fried assorted vegetables dish).

And, as parents, you are always the role model for our kids. When mummy and/ or daddy is eating healthy, they will tend to follow the same, gradually.

One more thing to highlight here! Don’t eat children’s leftovers, please. Discard any leftovers. And, cook less next time, or give the children less, if they always have trouble finishing their food. Alternatively, save the ‘keepable’ leftovers and ‘transform’ it to a ‘brand new’ dish by adding some new ingredients into it to cook for subsequent meals, if it makes you feel better. I do this sometimes, too. See one of my recipes cooked with leftovers!

So, you like these ideas, don’t you (smile)?



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2 Responses

  1. I think eating children’s leftover is a mistake most mommies will do! I did the same thing too!

    After giving birth, i am getting fatter everyday!! Especially the big/loose tummy which cant be rid of! haiz, really envies mommy like you who can keep yourself slim!!

  2. Hi Reira,

    It’s effort and persistency in sustaining it. Some are unfornatunately the gene, but yet they can actually try to keep to their best through determination.

    I have just one girl for now, but hope to have more kids and still keep fit and look good!

    Wow.. Hmmm.. You have just inspired me to write a short post on this again!! Haha..

    Anyway, Reira, try my recipes and you will like hone cooking from now..

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