“A hidden treasure in Eunos, where I bought my kitchen precious with varieties, sizes, colours, designs, materials.. etc, @ Kitchen.Mart”

Disclaimer, this place is for you only if you like all sorts of kitchenware. Am not a spokeman for any of these places, but if you are interested to know where to get cheap/ good/ varieties of kitchenware, I will tell you where I got some of my kitchen stuff.

Kitchen.Mart is a big warehouse-like shop for business or wholesalers to buy their kitchenware and utensils in large quantity. This place does accept walk-in customers though, but you won’t see the crowd here, not even on a weekend.

It was found by hubby, and he was certain that this would be the place I wanted to come for my new wok. Yes, I ended up with a big load of kitchen wares home (laughing)!

I was glad we found this place as things here were so comprehensive, complete with all kinds of kitchenware one needs, with reasonable price! Like I said, this place is meant for wholesalers or business users. If you intend to open your own food business, this should be the place for you!

You may find most of the items come in different sizes and colours.

I bought a large tradition claypot as my existing one cracked. It costs only S$7.50 for a large one. I will use it to cook claypot chicken rice!

I got the deep stew pot from here, too, for double boiling use. I intend to steam my bird nest soup or sweet pear soup in due. As you can see, the large pot costs only S$4!

Assorted stainless steel pots. I did not get any of these as I have enough pots, so far. But I got more baking pans here, though.

And, most of all, the WOK, all kinds of materials and sizes!! They sell those modern wok/ large pan with single-handle at one side, too. However, I am bored with using that expensive kind of wok now. So, I chose a Chinese wok, but not the iron/ stainless steel kind. I got a black non-stick Chinese wok. It is indeed truely non-stick, and I find it good to use, so far.

And guess what, for the usual $120 branded single-handle pan/ wok I have gotten from departmental stores all the time, I got this non-stick Chinese wok here for only $28 (plus a $3 simple-looking metal lid which I matched it on the spot with the options they have it there).

By and large, this place is good to shop for varieties of not-so-branded kitchen items with good prices. You have all your freedom to walk around this huge place and get all you wanted for your kitchen, from modern to traditional designs.. You can even find large eletronics, such as, food processor/ oven and fridges, here.

We spent 2 hours here and got a load of kitchen items home, just $130 for the bill!

Well, you must be anxious to know how to get there?

As you could see my GPS location, the address is:
105 Eunos Ave 3, Eunos Industrial Estate, Singapore.
Tel: 6746 9919
Retail operating hour:
Monday – Saturday, 10am – 7pm
Sunday & Public Holiday, 10am – 5pm

This place is more an industrial area where you may find many surrounding buildings. Kitchen.Mart is located at the ground floor in a building, not too far in. To get there by train, I think the nearest MRT station there should be Paya Lebar station. Take a cab, and it will not be too far from there. Sorry that I could not advise you more details on getting there, as hubby fetched us there during a weekend afternoon.