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“A hidden treasure in Eunos, where I bought my kitchenware with varieties, sizes, colours, designs, materials.. etc, @ Kitchen.Mart”

Updated 2021: This shop may have closed down permanently in Singapore. 

Disclaimer: This place is for you, only if you like to shop for assortment of kitchenware. I am not a spokeman for any of these places, but if you are interested to know where to get cheap, decently good and wide varieties of kitchenware, this is one of the places I will go for.

Kitchen.Mart, a big warehouse-like shop for business or wholesalers to buy their kitchenware and utensils in large quantity. However, walk-in customers were welcome. You wouldn’t probably see any crowd here, not even on a weekend.

This place was stumpled upon when surfing through the net, and I was certain that this would be the place I wanted to come for my shopping of a new wok. Yes, I ended up getting a big load of kitchenwares home! :D

This place is more like a whole-sale distributor which accepts walk-ins, too.
Look at the array of tablewares

I was glad we found this place as things here were so comprehensive, completed with all kinds of kitchenware, with reasonable price! Like I said, this place was meant for wholesalers or business users. If you intend to open your own food business, this should be the place for you!

All these food containers
Claypot of all sizes

You might be able to find most of the kitchen items here, in different sizes and colours.

I bought a large tradition Chinese claypot since my existing one cracked. It was priced at S$7.50 only for a large-sized. Yes, I would use it to cook claypot chicken rice!

This is my must-buy. For double boiling my bird nest soup.

I got a deep stew pot, too, for double boiling use. I wanted to double boil some birdnest soup and sweet pear soup. Yes, this large pot was priced only at S$4!

Assorted stainless steel pots. I did not get any of these as I have enough pots, so far. I bought more baking pans, though.

And, most of all, the WOK, all kinds of materials and sizes were available. Beside the tradition Chinese wok, those modern wok/ large pan with single-handle were plenty to choose from, too. I chose a simple non-stick Chinese wok this time. I was satisfied with its non stick feature, so far.

Paid only S$28 for a wok (plus a $3 simple-looking metal lid which I matched it on the spot with the options they available there), great?

By and large, this place was good to shop for varieties of ‘not-so-branded’ kitchen items with reasonable price. You would gain all your freedom to walk around this huge place and get all you wanted for your kitchen.. You could even find large eletronics, such as, food processor/ oven and fridges, here.

Spent almost 2 hours roaming and shopping around the shop, got our arms full in the end, with a total damage of just $130, I really thought we got ourselves a deal here.

Well, you must be anxious to know how to get there?

As you could see my GPS location, the address is:
105 Eunos Ave 3, Eunos Industrial Estate, Singapore.
Tel: 6746 9919
Retail operating hour:
Monday – Saturday, 10am – 7pm
Sunday & Public Holiday, 10am – 5pm

This place was more an industrial area where you might find many surrounding buildings. Kitchen.Mart was located at the ground floor in a building, not too far in. To get there by train, the nearest MRT station there should be Paya Lebar station. Take a cab, and it would not be too far from there. Sorry that I could not advise you further as I was sent there on a weekend afternoon.

Updated as of April 2016: I realized this shop has relocated to another location which ain’t too far away from the above original address. Updated address as below:
Tel: 6746 9919/6743 1455

So far, I did not visit them. It was just for your reference. Please leave your comment, if otherwise. :)

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36 Responses

  1. Wow! You really found some bargains! Over here in the USA those pots would’ve been so high! The pot you bought for 4.00 wouldve been at least 24.00 . I can go to an asian market and get it way cheaper than some of the big name brand stores. One day, I’ll get a chance to visit Asia to shop for food and cooking items.

  2. Hi! I chanced upon your website thru a friend’s facebook link. Can i know if their pricing is cheaper than Sia Huat’s or Lau Choy Seng at Temple St (Chinatown)? Thanks!

  3. Hi Esther,

    I just called them, and they told me that they aren’t closed at all for any kind of renovation work.

    Hmmm, maybe you can call them up to check. Anyways, I have updated their operating hours and contact number at the bottom of my post, for reference. :)

  4. Hi Linda,

    I am not sure how cheap the goods were from Sia Huat’s or Lau Choy Seng at Temple St (Chinatown). I have not been to that area for kitchen product before.

    I only compared their prices with those at supermarket and departmental stores.

    And, I personally find this place at Eunos good mainly because of it peacefulness and spaciousness of their place to shop freely as well as the varieties and convenience to get everything I wanted for my kitchen.

  5. Hi, I stumble upon your blog when I was searching for information about Wok… sigh… sorry to ask (as a stranger) your chinese black wok, still good to use?
    cos, I’m struggling with wok now, intend to buy one (sure must be expensive one right?) but then, don’t know which one to buy… of course, if I’ll get a similar wok as yours, then it’ll be for temporary use, till I can really decide which expensive wok to go to… :(

    so, is that chinese black wok still good?


  6. Hi!
    Came across your website while I was searching for Carbon Steel Wok. Very useful info here. I went to Kitchen Ware and apparently they’ve shifted to a new place. It’s at;

    3016, Bedok Industrial Estate, #01-94.

    Got the 14″ wok for $19! Yes! Awesome place!

    1. Hi! I am currently looking around for a carbon steel wok and stumbled on this comment. Don’t mind if i ask, is the wok you get good? I looked around and carbon steel is going at 40usd online….

  7. Hi, Just bought myself a wok from kitchen mart. The address above (block 3016, Bedok north Avenue 4) is correct but the unit number is #01-03. Got a wok for 15 bucks and a cleaver for 29 bucks. I think they will both outlast me… ;)

  8. Hi Patricia

    Love your page here. May I know do they sell 3 divider plates. Stuffs for school canteen. Plates and bowls. Thank you.

  9. Hi Patricia!
    Chanced upon this useful write up when searching for pots and pans at sg. Thank you for all the infm.

    1. Hi Shanti,

      Thanks. Actually for pot and pans, I would also like to shop at Takashimaya and Tangs whenever they have sales either mid year or year end. Do check out, if wished.

  10. Hi Pat, by any chance whilst shopping for your Chinese wok, did you managed to see any of those tall wok lids that’s mainly used for steaming purposes?


  11. Nice article, I bought some items from Howard’s World at The Star Vista basement. Pretty good have lasted over a year, but their items are bit more pricy. I also buy my cheap kitchen items from this online store for the rest of my kitchen stuff. Some items buy from store, some online haha.

  12. Hi, we are relocating to Singapore very soon, I was wondering how to carry my utensil thinking may not get it there, so happy to find your blog :)

  13. hello Pat, just stumbled onto ure blog. what a find! especially the kitchenware heads-up. thank you for that! need to re-stock our old, but trusty pots (maybe a few pans) soon. planning to go with the missus soon. cheers!

    REAL men go kitchenware shopping don’t you know!

  14. Hi, No Doubt this is one of the best place in Singapore for kitchenware but for an alternate i prefer Lux Kitchen, they also have high quality products and prices are also good. They also provide installation of kitchen Equipment.

  15. I like that there are shops where people can find an assortment of kitchenware all in one place. Like you said, it is always good to find places that have everything in the kitchen department that you would need. I tend to loose cups also so my house currently has a lot of mismatched cups that were originally from different sets. It would be nice to buy some dining sets and a few sets of cups so that everything can be matching again.

    1. Hi Wee, this is not my shop. :)

      Just a place I used to visit for kitchenware. I think they moved to another location. So, I can’t advise further. I am sourcing for another similar good shop now and will share if found.



    Since 2018.

    They had their CLOSING DOWN SALE.

    No thanks to this blog, I went to Eunos as I thought they were still open.

    The building had been torn down, along with a couple of others.

    Luckily I made calls to the two telephone numbers that this blog provided. The lines are dead and the website is down.

    Please be a responsible blogger and update your blog.

    You can’t make up your mind whether it was Eunos Ave 3 or Eunos Ave 5 and didn’t even bother to erase them and replace them with an update.

    Your ‘update’ was at the bottom of the blog where people usually miss them.

    Thanks, but no thanks hor!

    1. Be a responsible reader to read till the end to check out my update at my best which I like it at the bottom as my wish, or bother to see how loooong ago this post was first posted, or bother to find out or leave comment to ask like other kind readers, instead of being rude in your comment.

      This is a free blog for everyone, you don’t pay me to do it. Don’t like, don’t read, simple. But don’t be rude to me. Thanks to your comment update about this place, but no thanks to your unfriendly tone hor!

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