Thai Seafood near Holland V MRT and More


Popular Thai food dishes you already know, but you also don’t want to miss these out, at Kin Hoi Thai Seafood and more.

Most of us would like to visit Thailand for at least once a year or two because of its proximity, the hospitality of the people, and most of all, the all-time favorite Thai food! With the current pandemic situation, it’s not easy for us to travel there just for an authentic taste of their food. Hence, to be able to satisfy my craving by staying back in Singapore, I travel around the island to…… eat. 

2-min shot here to show you how comforting these Thai food are to be enjoyed! :)

Kin Hoi Thai Seafood, is one of the Thai food places, I would like it as my “go-to” Thai food place, if I just want something comforting, down-to-earth flavor, easy to reach and simply affordable Thai food/ seafood, for both dine in and online delivery.

Nothing beats a comforting bowl of hot delicious soup in these rainy days, but of course, just a bowl of soup is not what we are looking for in Thai cuisine. It has to have some staple food to go along, like… noodles. Yes, Thai duck noodle soup, incorporated with some Singapore flavor and nuance of herbal taste, this noodle dish gives us an optimum satisfaction. 

Plus, all their main ingredients used in the dishes are imported from Thailand (except for the duck meat) and recipes are developed by their Thai chef, to give us the best authentic flavor. :) 

If duck noodle seems too big portion for you as you will be tempted to order more other dishes, but noodle is something you like, try their stir fried tang hoon! Yes, I like this springy glass noodle (bean vermicelli or we refer it as tang hoon 冬粉) dish. It’s neither too oily nor too dry to enjoy. This underrated noodle is springy and soft at the same time. Here they cook it just nice and interesting to chew, but not mushy kind. Also like the robust flavor in this stir fry. It just feels kinda familiar and comforting to eat it…..

My next favorite here is the pork jowl. This fried honey pork jowl has the perfect tenderness, and the sweetness of the cooking is nice and manageable, making us want more with every bite!

If you’re in the mood for some shell food, their cockles (we called it, hum or han蚶) dishes are what to go for! 

Huge cockles cooked in either the Thai style garlicky sauce, or sambal chili sauce. Both flavors are great and just so addictive to eat.

Be sure to dip the sea conch (sea snails or “gong gong贡贡”) in their refreshing chili sauce. 

Their chili sauce gives a depth of flavor to the dishes, esp the seafood, in every bite. They are selling this chili sauce in bottles, too.

Another highlight of the food dishes, the crab meat omelette. Love the taste of the omelette, though I personally think the carb meat tastes a little bit fishy, going to their chili sauce, it’s just perfect, actually. 

Besides the dishes listed, they also have an array of other more popular dishes which you probably already know! With three other outlets at Toa Payoh, Jurong West and Vivocity (opening from noon till 9pm, except Vivocity from 11am), as well as online delivery, everyone can definitely enjoy and have the taste of authentic Thai food.

Tasting Location in this post: 

Block 6 Holland Close, S(271006)

Opening hours: 12Pm – 9pm (8:45pm last order)

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