Simple & Delicious Fried Vegetarian Bee Hoon (简易炒斋米粉)

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Easy breakfast/ brunch/ lunch meal.

”Chu Yi, Shi Wu, anytime, vegetarian. 初一,十五,任何时候……素食。”

After big feast on the lunar new year eve, it’s good to have some light vegetarian/ vegan meal on the first day of lunar new year, for getting a great “clean” blessed start of the year! 


Serves 3-4 
300g bee hoon, pre-soaked 
220g mock prawns (vegetarian prawns)
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil 
1 tablespoon of vegetarian “oyster sauce” 
1 tablespoon of light soy sauce 
Dash of sesame oil 
150g of water 

Taste great as vegan food

1 box of “fishless” fingers (200g vegan fish fingers, Quorn brand) 

Oven bake: 220deg Celsius on preheated oven, need not thawed, bake from frozen, for 15 min. 

220克 素大虾
2汤匙 植物油
1汤匙 素食“蚝油”
1汤匙 酱青
少许 麻油
150克 水

1盒 「無魚」條(200克素魚條,Quorn牌)

(1) Heat wok on medium-high fire, add oil. Pan fry mock prawns, till lightly browned. Do not rush out the mock prawns, just add in soaked bee hoon. Drizzle light soy sauce from edges to create sizzling effect. Stir fry to combine. 

(2) Gradually add water, in batches. After each adding of water, stir fry to combine. Add “oyster sauce”, stir fry to combine well. Drizzle sesame oil. 

(3) Bee hoon should be softened and moist. Otherwise, add little bit more water, or light soy sauce if preferred stronger salty taste. Serve with baked fishless fingers. 




Tips: Fishless fingers are available at Cold Storage supermarket (frozen compartment). 
* Mock prawns are available at major supermarkets eg NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Siong. 

温馨提示:Cold Storage 超市(冷冻冰箱里)出售”无鱼”条。
* 多数超市出售素大虾斋料。

#vegetarian on #chuyi #simple but #tasty #food 

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