Clear Lung Detox Tea (清肺解热茶)


“Strengthen your lungs to fight the epidemic virus together”


Using of different types of chrysanthemum as they yields different nutritional effects. Gong Ju helps to detoxify lungs but taste slight bitterness, while Tai Ju helps detoxify liver but sweeter taste.

An on-going viral epidemic, Wuhan coronavirus,  is primarily affecting everyone in the world. Other than protecting ourselves by making sure personal hygiene, wash your hands for at least 20seconds on regular basis, we will also want to be healthy and strong body. Having good body immune system is equally important to fight any virus! 

Here I have a very simple yet effective herbal tea in cooling to reduce pathogenic heat in the body, nourishing & tonifying lungs and increasing immunity. It can even help to invigorating vital Qi energy! Just 15 minutes, this is for sure the least we could do for our family and friends. 

This tea yields rich and aromatic taste. Great to drink regularly.



A great combination of goodness to help building body immune system.


10g of Royal Chrysanthemum (Gong Ju)

10g of Florist Chrysanthemum (Tai Ju)

5g of Honeysuckle Flower 

5g of Ginseng Flower 

5g of Mulberry Leaf (Dried)

1pc of licorice 

10pc of wolfberries 

Handful of Rock sugar 

1000ml of water 

Just 15min of boiling time.


Add ingredients (A) after the water is boiled, cover with lid and simmer for 5 minutes. Add rock sugar and continue simmering for 10 minutes. Before turning off the heat, add wolfberry. Turn off flame and let heat stand for 5 minutes before serving. 


10克 贡菊花 

10克 胎菊花

5克 金银花

5克 人参花 

5克 桑叶(干) 

1片 甘草 


10顆 枸杞子 

冰糖 适量

1000毫升 水 



Every herb and flower used in this recipe yields the best tonification effect for lungs.

1 cup counts less than 50kcal. 1 杯也只是50卡路里左右。

Tips: As Ginseng flower and Gong Ju taste slight bitter, may add more sugar to sweeten it for better taste. 

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