Nyonya Recipe: Sambal Belacan (Blending Method) 娘惹食谱: 叁巴马来盏辣椒 (搅拌做法)


Post & Recipe in English and Chinese (中英食谱)

The original recipe called for slightly different amount for some of the ingredients which I have adjusted to my taste for perfection. 原来的食谱要求稍微不同的份量,而我已据自己的口味稍作调整让它完美呈现。

“It’s just so easy-peasy to make this versatile Sambal Belacan Chili, a family heirloom recipe from Nyonya Ah Ma. 就是这么轻易地做出娘惹阿嬷家传食谱的多用途叁巴马来盏辣椒。”

Using mortal and pestle to slowly grind the raw sambal ingredients into paste is certainly the most traditional and risk-proof way in making the most classical version out of its original state. However, blending it the quick and easy way is what most busy people like us need. I personally buy the idea of  blending, and think it’s great enough with the smooth and refine paste. :)

This recipe was originated from the cookbook where all its recipes were passed down from the authors’ late great grandmother. Apart from having the honor to reproduce and share the recipe of these delicious Peranakan dishes, this cooking collaboration with Mr Emil Teo, executive director of the wine distribution co – Taste of Tradition, also the grandson of the recipe creator, also allow us to have its best wine and food matching here. Yes, you wouldn’t be scratching your head to know the perfect wine for some of these delicacies you would be cooking. Pure sharing here.. :)


这叁巴辣椒的制作方法取自于一本难得的娘惹菜食谱,里头所有的菜肴都是作者们的曾祖母所创的。除了拥有这份荣幸能够体验烹调食谱里的每道菜以及在这里和大家分享完美的食谱外,更可贵的是可以和Taste of Tradition葡萄酒批發公司的执行董事, Mr. Emil Teo, 也是食谱原创者的孙子, 合作把煮出来的菜肴一一配上好酒。不用烦恼了,你即将学习的这些菜肴都会配上最适合的葡萄酒。就为分享而已… :)

Crackers & sambal chilli, paired with Chablis. 虾饼叁巴辣椒,配上了Chablis.

Yields 250g
10g belacan shrimp paste (about 1 cube sized)
3 red large chili, trimmed and cut
3 red chili padi, trimmed
1 green chili padi, trimmed
3 candlenuts, lightly toasted
2 (whole) garlics, peeled
6 small shallots, peeled
3 thick slices of galangal (blue ginger), 1cm thickness each
1 teaspoon of coriander (powder form)
2 tablespoons of fresh calamansi juice (from 4-5 calamansi limes)

1 -2 teaspoons of light soy sauce (Or 1/2 teaspoon of salt)
1-2 tablespoons of sugar (adjustable)

Garnishing/ Sides:
1 whole calamansi lime, halved

10克 马来盏(峇拉煎或虾酱干、约一小块)
3条 红椒,去蒂剪短
3根 红指天椒,去蒂
1根 青指天椒,去蒂
3颗 石栗,稍煎
2大粒 蒜头,去皮
6小粒 红葱头
3厚片 蓝姜,约1公分厚度
1茶匙 芫荽(粉状)
2汤匙 酸甘汁 (约4-5颗酸甘)

1-2茶匙 酱清 (或半茶匙盐)
1-2汤匙 糖 (份量可调)

1颗 酸甘,切半

Raw ingredients 主料

(1) Lightly toast belacan on a dry pan over low heat, to eliminate the strong fishy scent. Then, place all ingredients, except for soy sauce/ salt and sugar into blender jar. Pause blending until it turns almost smooth consistency. Add soy sauce and sugar to taste (start with half the amount and taste to check). Blend a bit more to mix well.

(2) Transfer and store sambal chili paste in glass bottle. Keep in refrigerator for longer shelf life. When serve as dipping, mix in calamansi juice from 1/2 lime.

(1)把峇拉煎虾酱干放入干锅热一下, 稍除腥味。然后,把所有材料,除了酱清/盐和糖之外,放进搅拌器皿中,进行顿停搅拌至顺滑质地。捣碎后,酌量添加糖和盐调味(先加半量再进行调整)。再度搅拌把材料混合均匀。


Match, match, match! The best tried & tested match! 配配配!最经考验的完美配搭。

This sambal belacan can be used in cooking, or as condiment or a dipping to crackers. Yes, we loved it with prawn crackers. Wine to go? Chablis is recommended for the pairing.


Wine Info 葡萄酒资讯:
* Wine made by @louislatour1797 #Chablis and it’s available at all @coldstoragesg (Cold Storage 均有出售)
* Imported and distributed by @TasteofTradition #VWS #vermilion (Taste of Tradition 进口批发)

More details on wines are obtainable @tasteoftradition

1 tablespoon of my belancan counts about 40kcal.

Tips: Belancan in block and candlenuts can be found in major supermarkets and Asian provision shops.
* To reduce spiciness, may remove seeds from the chilis.

* 不想吃太辣的话,可把辣椒去籽。

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