Perfect Scrambled Egg Over Easy Recipe

The perfect scrambled egg, to me, is moist, soft, light and fluffy, as well as a little wet on the top.

“Super light & fluffy scrambled egg on toast, breakfast, anyone?”

This is definitely the simplest, yet not so easy kind of egg cooking.  To cook perfect scrambled egg, the end product must be moist as well as feeling light and fluffy. Other than the control of the fire temperature, there is one thing I have to add, to make it much easier to achieve the desired texture of the scrambled egg. Milk. Ratio of just 1 tablespoon of fresh milk to 2 large eggs.

Serves 1
2 large eggs
1 tablespoon of fresh milk
Pinch of salt and pepper
1 tablespoon of cooking oil or butter

Chia seeds

(1) Break eggs into bowl, add salt, pepper and milk, beaten well.

(2) Heat frying pan with oil over medium-low heat. Pour in beaten egg and let it set just a little, gently scramble the egg. Heat off and dish up when the egg is almost cooked with little runny on the top.

See the video:

A serving of my scrambled egg counts about 165kcal.

Tips: Do not over scrambling the egg. Pause for moments, when necessarily.
* The process of cooking takes less than 3 minutes. Heat off when the egg looks almost set. The remaining heat in the pan will cook the egg further.
* For better tasting, I reckon using butter in place of cooking oil. Or, both (half/ half). :)
* There is no flavouring motive to add Chia seeds, it’s purely personal healthy preference. :))

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