Seaweed Crisps (Air-Fried)


image“One of the easiest air fried CNY snacks”

Yes, I considered this the easiest and relatively healthier snack for the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, adding on to its healthier cooking method, air frying.

This snack could be made in various ways and flavors. No doubt, those added with seasonings taste better, at the same time, less healthy. I reckoned homemade with minimal (better types of) ingredients. Mine? Moderately good, in term of taste and nutritional value, good enough to let your older toddler to enjoy it. :)

imageYields 1 large jar
5 large sheets of spring roll skin, store-bought (from supermarket)
5 large sheets of plain seaweed, store-bought (from Daiso)
1 tablespoon of butter, melted
1 small egg, beaten
Sprinkle of raw sugar

(1) Mix melted butter, beaten egg and raw sugar in a bowl.

(2) Place a sheet of spring roll skin on clean surface of countertop. Brush egg solution on spring roll skin. Place a sheet of seaweed on top and flip them over. Brush another layer of egg solution on the spring roll skin side. Make sure both spring roll skin and seaweed stick evenly.

(3) Repeat steps for the rest of the spring roll skins and seaweeds. Cut all sticked seaweed layers into small pieces. Divide into two portions.

(4) Place first portion of the seaweed layers in air fryer basket lined with a sheet of greased aluminum foil. Cover basket with a metal lid (I used a metal steam rack). Air fry at 180deg Celsius for 12 minutes or until the spring roll skin sides browned and crisped. Repeat for 2nd portion.

(5) When cooled completely, place them
In air-tight jar. Serve as it is, or sprinkle powdered sugar onto the seaweed crisps to serve

Tips: Spring roll skins are available at major supermarkets. Usually in frozen packs.
* I used plain seaweed sheets without any flavoring. Thus, it’s bland tasting. There are seaweed packs which come in different flavors and with added seasonings in the market though. The choice is yours.

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