A ‘Love it or Hate it’ Cake. Durian Cream Cake.


image“Even my 2.5yo knows that my favorite fruits is, durian. Yes, durian season is back!”

Read that this season’s durians are better quality and cheaper in price than from the last. This considers a piece of good news to the durian fans, like myself.

It wasn’t my first time using leftover durians to make a cake. Actually it was more like a liberate purchase of extras, so that I could eat more durians, in variations.

This durian cream sponge cake is easy to assemble, yielding a better quality, yet go easy on your wallet. So, why pay premium for a store-bought? Do it yourself today!

imageYum yum… This homemade goodness comes in a real thick layer of durian sandwiched between the soft and fluffy creamy sponge cakes. Mmm..

Recipe from my first durian recipe post: Homemade Durian Cake Recipe

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