No-Bake Rich Chocolate Tart


image“A handmade heavenly good sweet treat to elevate your mood.”

This dessert is super easy and quick to make. Even a beginner baker can do it. Super busy wit work and personal? This sweet treat probably takes you a good 30 minutes in total to complete.

Yes, this is a no-regret recipe for an impressive dessert. Not only does it look nice and romantic, its taste is irreplaceable and remarkably luscious.

If you are a chocolate lover, and love rich chocolaty flavor, this is for you.

Serves 8-10 slices
200g of milk chocolate bar, cubed
100g of dark chocolate bar, cubed
200g of non-dairy whipping cream
28 pcs of Oreo biscuits
100g of butter, melted

8-10 whole strawberries, trimmed

Utensil needed:
10″ round shallow tart/ pie pan

(1) Blend 28pcs of Oreo biscuits (whole cookies with its cream as well) into super fine texture without lumps.

(2) Add melted butter to the ground Oreo biscuit crumbs. Mix well into muddy texture and lay evenly on a greased tart pan. Press and smoothen out crumbs with a metal spoon to form a compact and firm tart base.

(3) Put in freezer to freeze for See you least 2 hours, or until chocolate filling is ready.

(4) Heat up whipping cream on super low fire. Need not to simmer for long. Heat off when cream reaches about 80 degree Celsius.

(5) Add all chocolate cubes. Let it sit in the heated cream for 1-2 minutes (or until chocolates turn soft) before stirring to mix well.

(6) Let chocolate filling cool for few minutes (until it reaches about 50 degree Celsius). Pour well mixed chocolate filling onto frozen tart base. Decorate with strawberries. Brush fruit jam on each strawberry to create glossy appearance on the fruits so as to protect them from drying out after long chilling. Refrigerate chocolate tart for few hours or overnight. Remove whole tart from tart pan. Slice and serve chilled.

imageI personally loved having this chocolate tart with lots of strawberries as the sourish fruit complements really well with my chocolate tart. It helps to balance out the sweetness of the chocolate filling, creating a super refreshing mouthfeel.

This chocolate tart also goes well with ice cream.

imageA thin slice of my non baked chocolate tart counts about 350kcal.

Tips: Non-dairy whipping cream is available at baking stores eg Phoon Huat.
* Use original Oreo biscuits or with chocolate filling. It’s up to you. I used chocolate filling Oreo this time.
* Use of whole strawberries as topping of the chocolate tart is recommended as the strawberries would turn wet (from its juice) after a day or two of storing even in the refrigerator. However, it doesn’t affect the taste and texture of the chocolate tart. Just expect a little wetness around the fruit, if using cut strawberries instead.
* Use any kind of fruit jam to gloss the fruit surface. I would prefer peach or lighter colour jam to do so.

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