Chinese New Year Goodies: Air-Fried Crab Stick Crisps


image“A ‘copy-cat’ recipe that worth following, giving you healthier new year goodies!”

Obviously I did not create this recipe. I am not the first few to make this snack, too. I was just following the ‘trend’, if you already are making it or have done it many time. For Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, for your own consumption or as gift during new year visits. It’s surely healthier (it’s air-fried) for you and your wallet! It’s easy, too!

imageYields 1 tub
1 packet of crab (flavored) sticks, 250g
Pinch of sugar
Drizzle of oil

(1) Rinse and pay dry crab sticks. Hand strip the crab sticks to about 1cm width.

(2) Loosen the strips and place half the amount in the air fryer basket. Sprinkle sugar and oil. Air fry on 160deg Celsius for 6 minutes x 2 times (open up to check and shake its basket upon completion of first round of air-frying before the second round), followed by 130 deg Celsius for 6 another minutes.

(3) Remove from air fryer and let crisped and browned crab sticks cool completely.

Repeat steps for the balance half.

Store goodies in air tight container.

image1 tub of air-fried crab sticks counts about 350kcal

Tips: Crab sticks are not made of real crab, but fish meat with crab flavoured. I used Dodo brand from supermarkets that costs less than S$2 per packet.
* You may add your desired flavors to the creation, eg. sesame, ground seaweed, curry powder, chili powder, garlic powder, honey wash, and etc.
* Please note that the temperature of the air fryer as well as its frying time is adjustable, as long as the food is totally browned and crisped. Just avoid too high temperature, and most importantly, check its doneness every 6-8 minutes interval.
* If you do not own an air-fryer, simply deep fry the crab stick strips.

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