Easy Mini Orange Peel Raisin Cup Cake


IMG_2144.JPG“Quick fixing of mini sponge cup cakes with an instant sponge cake mix from Redman brand.”

When you think the birthday treats are over, it’s just coming. The great and simply recipe.

Apologize if I took too long to deliver the post. The baking was simple, just that I was too busy as usual… To an extend that I baked with a great instant mix which I chanced upon on one of my trips to Phoon Huat the other day.. Hey, hey.. Don’t condemn me. Let me elaborate a little…

IMG_2147.JPGYea, saw this sponge cake mix when I patronized Phoon Huat at the Hougang outlet. They came out with this Redman brand sponge cake mix which I did not come across previously. Decided to try out after strong recommendation by their sales personnel there. Just thought we might want something easy and convenient to play with…. :)

Anyway, if you ask me.. I had nothing negative about this cake mix so far. It’s worth trying, if you yearn for some really easy and quick bakes at times :)

Yea, like I said, real fast bake. As I was rushing to bake quite a large amount of cup cakes in the morning before attending meeting up with a group of my buddies in the house warming party hosted by one of them at noon. I decided to go for a quick bake so that I could bring these little gifts to everybody there.

IMG_4283.JPGIf you can, do up the frosting to decorate your cup cakes. Yes, it was the same mix used, with frosting, and I did not for this second time round. No cream frosting even though I knew that it would be better looking with some nice frosting on them, as I need the cakes to be on the go easily. For my buddies to bring and indulge at home at anytime. :)

Yields 40 mini cup cakes
250gram of instant sponge cake mix
4 medium eggs
50gram of butter, melted
Orange rinds of 1 large orange
Freshly squeezed orange juice of 1 – 2 large orange (to yield about 50ml)
1 cup of raisins

(1) Beat cake mix, orange rinds and juice on medium speed for 1 minute. Add eggs, one at a time. Blend just well before adding another egg until all eggs are done. Continue beating until the batter turns light, white and double the amount.

(2) Fold in melted butter. Pour batter into your favorite cup cake papers or greased cup cakes tin until 80% filled. Bake for 30 minutes at 170deg Celsius.

(3) When baked, remove cup cakes from tin and cool completely. Do the toppings/ frosting as desired.

Tips: Different oven different heat, if your oven tends to be hotter type, like mine, use 160deg Celsius for 30-40 minutes. On the other hand, not too hot or fan type, use 175deg Celsius. Simply check doneness with an insert to the middle of 2-3 cup cakes randomly.

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  1. Hi! Is it ok if I do not add in raisins? If i don’t add in raisins, do I have to add in sugar? if yes, how much to increase? Thanks!

  2. Hi! As I re-read your recipe, I realised you did not indicate when to add in the raisins. So are raisins required? Thanks!

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