Crunchy Muddy Cheese Balls (Air-Fried or Baked)


20131102-030153.jpgMy new adaption for snacks that give the kids the crunch. A ‘cheating’ way, with the simplest ingredients.

If your children like my Milo banana bread, they probably would love this Milo cheese version, too.

Easy to make, of course. With air fryer.

Serves 3-4
4 slices of white bread, removed crust
2 tablespoons each of grated Mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese, mixed both cheeses in a bowl
1/4 cup of condense milk
4 tablespoons of Milo powder

1) Cut (or tear) the breads into few portions.

2) Take a portion of cut bread and place on your open palm. Scoop a small amount of mixed cheese and place at the centre of the bread.

3) Fold up to seal the cheese into the bread. Then, squeeze and roll the filled bread into a ball. Repeat steps until all bread portions are completed.

4) Place all cheese balls into the air fryer basket, set fryer to 120deg Celsius and air-fry for 6 – 8 minutes, or until cheese balls are crunched and browned.

For Oven-Bake: Place cheese balls on a baking tray and bake in the oven at 100 deg Celsius for 8 mins, or until toasted.

5) Remove toasted cheese balls from air fryer/ oven. Lightly dip each ball with condense milk and arrange on a serving dish. Then, sprinkle Milo powder on the balls until they are completely covered with Milo. Serve while warm.

Each muddy cheese ball crunch counts about 40kcal (baked version).

For the conventional best taste (but more sinful) of it, you gonna deep fry the cheesy bread balls. Yes, much more juicy and superlicious, but….. Ok, I’ll better leave the choice to you.

Tips: You may choose to drizzle the condense milk on the cheese balls rather than dipping them.

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