Easy Ham & Cheese Puff


20140708-213459-77699008.jpg“Really. Nothing fanciful.”

But, it was very addictive to munch and enjoy this aromatic crispy puff.

Like I said, it’s just an assembly of some store-bought ready made products which look and taste darn good.

It can be your breakfast, in between snacks, tea time, supper, and most of all, a home party tray! Yea, no need to buy from the retails, make these and tell your guests that it’s your pressure homemade. :)

20140708-214320-78200467.jpgYes, with these ham & cheese puff. The puff pastry made by? It’s prata! The frozen prata from the supermarkets.

For its filling, I chose honey baked ham and grated Cheddar, this time. You may choose. From savory to sweet. Choice of sardine, egg, tuna, hotdog, banana & chocolate rice, Nutella spread (to refer to more pictures and makings with Nutella on my FB Page, click here), peanut butter, or fruit jam.

See how easy it was:

Yields 16 mini puffs
4 sheets of frozen prata, thawed
4 large slices of honey baked ham
4-5 tablespoons of grated cheese

(1) Divide each sheet of prata dough into 4 smallslices.

(2) Same thing, cut each slice of ham into 4 small pieces.

(3) Lay 1 small slice of prata on a flat surface. Take a small piece of ham and place on your palm, top some grated cheese on the ham and roll up. Then, place it on the prata. Fold the filled prata into half to make the puff. Seal the opening by pressing along the edges lightly. Repeat step till all prata pieces done.

Alternate folding method: You may also cut the ham into smaller piece than the prata wrap and simple lay it on the prata, sprinkle some cheese. Then, fold up and seal the opening by pressing the edges.

(4) Place some ham puffs on the wire mesh basket, leaving some gaps around the puffs. Insert the frying tray into air fry. Set temperature to 200deg Celsius and air fry for 8 minutes. Repeat step for the rest of the puffs. Serve warm.

20140708-214525-78325551.jpgEach mini puff counts about 60kcal.

Tips: Thawed prata sheet is soft and stretchable. You may slight stretch it to press and seal the opening edges when make into puffs. Alternatively, brush some beaten egg along the inner edges to seal.
* Use any brand of the prata pack you liked, mostly available in the frozen compartment or refrigerator at the supermarkets.
* If you do not have an air fryer, bake it in the oven.

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