Delicious Flourless Nutella Cake


20140723-214221-78141810.jpg“3 ingredients flour-less cake in just 30 minutes time. Yes, it’s really just 3 ingredients!”

I did not create this cake, but adapted by referring to many recipes online to conclude with the most sensible combinations and methods to do this cake.

It was very delicious. If you worry that this flourless cake might taste just too chocolaty and creamy as though eating just the chocolate paste by its own, don’t be. This Nutella cake resembles very much like a cake made with flour. Credit goes to the egg whites which made the cake soft, moist and very much like a floured cake.

20140723-214221-78141927.jpgDespite the thin layer outlook of the cake, it indeed tastes superb, rich but not over-whelming.

Yes, this rich flavored flourless cake is a must to bake, and it sure is a keeper!

Yield 8″ round (thin-layer) cake
6 small egg whites or 4 extra large egg whites
250 gram of Nutella spread
Few drops of fresh lemon juice (ard 1/4 teaspoon)

(1) Heat up Nutella spread in microwave for 25 seconds to soften the spread.

(2) Separate egg whites and yolks. Need only the whites in a large dry bowl. Use electric hand mixer to beat the whites at highest speed. When whites turn foamy and opaque, add lemon juice and continue to beat until stiff peak form. Turn the mixing bowl at the same time move your hand mixer around while beating will fasten the whole process. It takes about 4-5 minutes. The beaten egg white should now be airy foam and increased 4-5 times its original volume.

20140726-113541-41741573.jpg(3) Now, add only 1/3 of the beaten white to Nutella spread. Use a plastic spatula to gentle stir to fold in until beaten white and Nutella are well mixed, in clockwise direction. Then, fold in another 1/3 of white until well mixed. Lastly, fold in the remaining 1/3 of white, till no trace of egg white in the batter. Also make sure to scrap the Nutella that sticks on the base of the mixing bowl.

(4) Pour the creamy batter into a lightly greased 8″ round baking tin with removable base. Drop the whole tin from a few inches high to the table top. Do it few times to eliminate any bubbles in the batter. Bake in low rack of the oven at 170deg Celsius for about 20-25 minutes. When baked, remove cake from cake tin (leave the tin base on) to cool completely while letting the chocolate flavor develop to its fullest, so as to eliminate any eggy taste, before slicing it to serve.

20140723-214222-78142029.jpgA thin slice of this flourless Nutella cake counts about 250kcal.

Tips: You don’t really need to preheat oven. Simply turn it on 2-3 minutes before baking.
* The cake might rise a lot or may have a few crack lines seen on the cake top during the baking process, but deflate after cooling, no worries, it’s ok and it won’t affect the taste. If you really mind, try to decrease the temperature to 150deg Celsius to bake 5-8 minutes longer, or turn off the top heat during the last 10 minutes of baking. Do not over beat the egg whites, too.
* It’s ok if you do not have a baking tin with removable base. Simply grease the baking tin, and then, line a baking paper on the greased tin. When cake is bake, remove the whole cake with baking paper on.
* 8″ or 9″ baking tin is fine to be used. I used a 9″ tin for a thinner layer of cake, in fact.

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