Snow Pear Herbal Tea

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“Great herbal tea for hectic life”

Just come back from a 2-stop trip, all the way up to the north of Malaysia. We visited The Lost World, Tambun, Ipoh, followed by Hatyai, Thailand, in 6 days. :)

Yes, very tight schedule. That’s why we were worn out after the trip. Body heat arose with feverish feeling. I knew it was time for herbal tea, then.

Snow pear has its cooling effect for such heatiness in body. To eliminate ‘heat in liver’ (we referred it as 肝火 ‘Gan Huo‘), I added Sha Shen (沙參) which claims to cleanse and rejuvenate liver health.

It’s good to drink it during hot weather or after a hectic event.

It’s easy to cook!

5 – 6 snow pears, trimmed stem and thinly sliced
10 honey dates
15 dried figs (无花果)
Handful of dried longan (桂圆)
Handful of Glehnia Root aka Sha Shen (沙參)

1 large pot of water

Place all ingredients into the large of water. Bring it to a boil over high heat, with lid tilted on the pot. Then, reduce heat to low fire and continue to simmer for 1 – 2 hour, with lid fully covering the pot. Heat off. Serve warm.

Taste of this snow pear tea was really pleasant. Lightly scented, with a tinge of natural sweetness, yielded from the snow pears as well as the honey dates. Anyone would love to drink this.

Tips: Need not to peel or core the pears.
* If sweeter taste preferred, or intend to make it a sweet dessert soup, add 2 big lumps of rock sugar towards the end of the simmering. About 20 minutes before heat off.

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