Fried French Bean & Dried Shrimps (虾米四季豆)

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“Delicious home-priced restaurant dish”

This is a vegetable dish which I loved most. We always eat this whenever dining out in a particular “Zhi Char” stall (Local Chinese stir-fry stall) nearby. They cooked it really simple and nice, especially the crispy dried shrimps, it really does complement the steamed rice so greatly! However, paying S$8 each time for my regular ordering of this simple French bean with just the dried shrimps, I did feel the ouch… Hence….. Needless to say, I tasted, and tried cooking it at home, of course.

Simply head to the supermarket, get packet of French bean (S$1.50) and a handful of dried mini shrimps (S$0.20), you are now ready to cook a simple and delicious dish at home on your own!

1 packet of French bean (String bean), rinsed, trimmed away both ends
2 tablespoons of dried mini shrimps (虾米干), rinsed & soaked for 10 min, pat dried and coarsely chopped
1/2 teaspoon of chicken granule
Pinch of salt

1 cup of cooking oil

1) Heat wok with oil over high fire. Fry French bean till cooked with shrinking and darkening appearance. Transfer out, drain on kitchen towel, and set aside.

2) Same wok, fry the dried shrimps till browned and crisped. Transfer out and drain on kitchen towel.

3) Remove oil from wok, return dried shrimps and French bean. Drizzle salt and chicken granule, stir fry to combine well. Heat off and dish up. Serve.

Here’s the outcome, and I am proud to share my cooking and recipe with you… If you are, looking for a similar dish with a much cheaper home-taste option, try this.

Well, vegetable is good food, but this is certainly not a healthier cooking option here. It’s deep fried, after all. Without deep frying the french bean, this dish will not be what it is supposed to be. To try, or not to try this, I’ll leave it to you. :)

Tips: In fact, stop the cooking at step 2 is fine, too. You don’t really need the seasoning though.. Have the most natural flavor of the ingredients! Simply arrange the French bean in a serving dish and top the dried shrimps on it, this can be a yummy light tasting dish, too!

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