Steps to create a Pineapple Boat to serve your rice in an eye-pleasing way


“Make use of the ‘unwanted’ pineapple shell to create a food for your eyes”

Delicious food is meant for the stomach, but don’t forget to feed our eyes, too. When come to good food, great food presentation enhances our appetite through making the dish more visually pleasing. You want your cooking to taste not just great, but look great, too. Here’s a way you could create an elegant presentation just as what you get in the restaurant, without extra cost…

1) Choose a large ripe pineapple.

2) Create an opening at the side. However, do not cut the pineapple in half as it will reduce its storage capacity. So, slice off, lengthwise, only one side of the pineapple and discard the sliced-off portion. Now, the exposed side will be the top of the pineapple boat. Also, leave the crown of the pineapple, for decorative purpose.

3) Then, carve out the pineapple flesh as close to the shell as possible with a small knife. Use a metal spoon or scrapper to scrap away the remaining flesh in the pineapple shell.

4) Rinse and pat dry the hollowed-out pineapple shell. Set aside.

It took about 20 minutes to complete this creation. Carving of pineapple flesh from its shell needed a bit of effort physically. If it is too exhausting for you to excavate it at one go, do it in batches.

As for the pineapple flesh, keep a portion for your pineapple fried rice cooking. The remaining portions may be served as after-meal fruit, or keep in the refrigerator for other cooking purposes.

*Pineapple Fried Rice recipe.

Note: 1 pineapple boat is good for 2 – 3 servings (1 cup of rice before cooked) only. Prepare 2 boats to serve 4 person.

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