Japanese Miso Sauce

Special Miso Sauce

Japanese Miso Sauce

“A savory sauce you can eat in many ways”

Happened to learn a Miso sauce for pork chop cutlet from tv, as I mentioned previously. Happy to adapt its original recipe to my version of homemade Miso sauce! I couldn’t wait to tell you how versatile this sauce is…

I used this Miso sauce as the gravy for my pork chop cutlet. The taste of the gravy went so well with the pork chop as well as the white steam rice I took along with the chop. It is even good enough to eat just the rice with this Miso gravy!

I also use the same Miso sauce in my steamed fish recipe, and it yielded an entirely different flavor in the steamed fish dish (share more with you next time)… For what you know, this earthy Miso is also a great salad dressing. So, its never a waste to make large portion.

Need not to mention again, this Miso sauce is very simple to make! It can be done within 10 minutes. Ingredients? All are common ingredients which may be obtained from supermarkets. I got my yellow miso paste from the Japanese products cells in NTUC Finest.

2 tablespoons of Miso paste (yellow miso paste with or without kun-bu)
2 tablespoons of Mirin
2 teaspoons of ketchup
3 tablespoons of brown sugar

60 ml of hot water

1 egg yolk

Place miso paste, Mirin, sugar and ketchup in a bowl. Stir in hot water till ingredients dissolved using a metal fork. Add egg yolk, gently brisk and stir with the same fork to combine well. Ready to use.

Tips: Measurement based on using metal tablespoon, not ceramic soup spoon.
* Adjust amount of sugar to your desired sweetness.
* Kun-bu (昆布), in Japanese named, Konbu, is a kind of kelps, usually served in Miso soup. Some miso paste packets, especially readily packed into mini packets types mainly to make single serving of instant Miso soup, come with Kun-bu in it. Otherwise, get it in tubs. Both yellow and dark Miso paste are fine to be used in this recipe.

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