Chilled Mango Sago & Pomelo Dessert (杨枝甘露)

Low Fat Mango Sago Pomelo Dessert Recipe (低脂杨枝甘露)

Chilled Mango & Pomelo Sago Dessert (杨枝甘露)

“My low-fat version of this ‘all-time favorite’ delicious Hong Kong sweet treat, the mango pomelo sago dessert. No need coconut milk, no need cream, no need complicated steps. Just simple, and with a cut-down in fat, but never in taste. Serve it chilled!”

We had it to satisfy my craving for this popular Hong Kong dessert, Mango & Pomelo Sago dessert, 杨枝甘露 (in Mandarin: Yang Zhi Gan Lu).

This mango dessert usually contains cream, evaporated and/ or condense milk. I’ll use low-fat milk to make a low-fat version. And, believe me, it is going to taste as great. 

Making this mango dessert at home, it’s simple and delicious, with just a budget of less than S$10.

Go ahead to enjoy this homemade treat with your loved ones this weekend!

Serves 2-3
3 large ripe mangoes, peeled and pitted (leave 1/3 amount of the mango and cut into small cubes for toppings)
3 wedges of sweet pomelo, peeled and sac loosen
300ml of low fat milk (Meiji is good, but any brand will do)
4-5 tablespoons of sugar syrup
3 tablespoons of tiny pearl sago
1 mug of ice cubes

1) Precook sago: Boil a pot of water over medium-high heat. Place in sago and boil for 10 minutes. Heat off. Cover with lid and let the heating stand for another 5 minutes. It’s ok if the white starch in the sago is still visible in this stage. Drain on a fine wire sieve, and pour cold water over.

Then, bring sago to a boil in pot again till the the sago turns completely transparent, for about 15 – 20 minutes or longer. Heat off and set aside. (May skip second boiling step if the pearl sago has already cooked completely during first boiling before drainage on sieve).

2) Now, place mangoes, milk, ice cubes and sugar into blender. Blend ingredients into purée.

3) Use a small strainer to ladle the cooked sago and mix into mango purée. Add some pomelo sacs into the purée, too. Mix well. Pour and divide the mango purée into bowls.

4) Top mango cubes and pomelo sac. Serve immediately.

Tips: Make sure mangoes and pomelo are ripe and sweet.
* Low fat milk can be skimmed milk or fresh type.
* Adjust the amount of ice cubes to yield your desired texture of this mango dessert. More ice for thicker consistency.
*Add more mango for more intense flavor.
*Simply mix 1 part of sugar with 1 part of tablespoons water and simmer to make syrup, if you don’t have it at home.
* Add more sugar, if the mangoes you bought are not as sweet and ripe as expected.

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