Jurong Bird Park

Overnight Camping & Visit in Jurong Bird Park Singapore


“Sleeping with the Flamingos”

Hey! I told you that I went for a sleepover camp at Jurong Bird Park on one of the Fridays in December. Yes, pitching of tents for a night inside the park. However, don’t assume that it will surely an outdoor camping. Sad to say, it was not! We camped IN a air-conditioned function room by the flamingo lake. That’s the camping experience for our precious Singapore children! Wahaha..

Actually, I personally find it not a bad idea with an indoor camping as there will be no mosquito bite, need not to feel hot in the sleep.. All we had is cooling air in the tent in that ‘snory night’..

Well, just imagine that it is a camping in cold country during the Autumn season… Ahh… :D

Ok, it was a fun and educative trip, afterall. This camping event even allowed the participants to enter the restricted zone in the park where the bird hospital is.. It was an eye-opening experience to see how birds are treated medically in this modern city.. You’ll feel sad to see those sick birds there. It also happened that there was a surgical treatment given to a tiny parrot during the hospital visit that day. We got a close-up view of how a lively bird to be put on sleep and laid on the surgeon to undergo an operation…

Just to share some photos with you here.. If you wish to see more photos of my camping and special visit events, simply log on to my FaceBook My Wok Life Fan Club which I have posted many more photos since yesterday (first-hand updates for my fans)!

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