Glass jelly dessert

Honey Grass Jelly Dessert


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“It’s the super low-fat Honey Peachie Grass Jelly!”

This is the best cooling dessert to be served in a BBQ party, as a refreshment after a feast of heaty char-grilled.

Grass jelly, we called it ‘Cincau’ in Malay, or 仙草 (pronounced as ‘Xian Cao’ in Chinese).

Grass jelly has very high cooling properties that makes it so great to be consumed during hot days.

This Asian herbal jelly dessert is black in colour. It’s translucent black when in thinner piece or strands and looks more opaque when it comes in block. The texture of this grass jelly is bouncy, just like any other jello, but the unsweetened grass jelly tastes almost bland. So, it usually go along with some sweetener or sugary liquid. An addition of honey will be my first choice as it makes this dessert even healthier and more soothing to be enjoyed on a sunny hot day.

1 block of unsweetened grass jelly, diced
1 can of heavily syruped peach, diced, and retained 100ml of its syrup
1 cup of nata de coco
1 tablespoon of honey
200 ml of water

1) Place grass jelly into a large dessert bowl. Add in water and 50ml of peach syrup. Then, gently stir in honey.

2) Now, add in peaches and nata de coco dices. Keep in the refrigerator to chill, before serving.

For more options: Top grass jelly with canned longan, instead.

A generous portion of my grass jelly dessert counts about 90kcal.

Tips: If you wish to add ice to chill it instantly, simply add ice and omit the addition of water so that the taste of the dessert will not be diluted.
* Try not to pre-mix the peaches and nata de coco cubes with the grass jelly as the fruits will turn black by the liquid of grass jelly which tends to affect the appearance of the serving, if you do mind.
* Get the unsweetened grass jelly instead of the pre-packed sweetened kinds.
* All the main ingredients can be purchased off the shelves.


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